Animal Jungle
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  • Дикие Джунгли
  • غابة الحيوانات
  • อลวนบ้านรักป่วนหัวใจ
  • アニマル♂ジャングル
  • アニマルジャングル
  • 王子恋爱丛林
  • 王子戀愛叢林
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  • 6.95
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  • 7,666
  • 238
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1) Animal Jungle
Her mother has decided to remarry. Sumi suddenly has to live with three handsome brothers, Amane, Midori, and Hitomi. She wanted to have a happy family, but the house has become a dangerous animal zone. Fighting dangerous situations everyday…?!

2) Saikyou Venus
Aoi is a weak girl... A REALLY, REALLY weak girl. One day, on the roof, she was about to be "attacked" by some perverted guys until suddenly, the strongest and most feared guy in the school (Takumi) comes crashing in... covered in the blood of the two half-dead guys in his hands!! The boys run away, leaving Aoi behind... and she faints. The next day, there's rumours going around that... Aoi is Takumi's girlfriend!?

3) Ultimate Bishie Paradise
Sachika has always found Mitsuki-kun to be an unbelievably perfect, ultimate bishie. Thus since because of this perfection she finds herself victimized every day which in turn makes her declare to Mitsuki that she will reveal his true colors!!!

4) Oshaberi na Sympathy
After Asahino bumps into Kira they can hear each others thoughts. How can they change this back?
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  • Volume 0/1
  • Chapter 0/4

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ماشي موافقة اما اشوفك 😂😂
اقرأي دي حلوة اوي شفقة عشان مش لاقية حاجة حلوة تقرأيها😂
First was ok but the others were great!