Koi to Dangan
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  • Koi to Dangan - Dangerous Lover
  • 恋と弾丸
  • 恋と弾丸 Dangerous Lover
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  • 8.38
  • 119
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  • 51,578
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Yuri, a college student, is saved by Ouya Toshiomi, the young leader of the Ouya group when she’s being forced into consuming illegal drugs at a party. Since then, even though she doesn’t want to get involved with the internal dealings of the Yakuza, she can’t help but fall for Toshiomi’s surprisingly gentle smile. This is the story of two people who are attracted to each other, but the courtship of a man who lives staking his life may be too fierce and crazy… “Yuri, it might be our last night, so let's get crazy together.”
The most dangerous love ever, begins.
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Such a good manga 😍 Thank you for updating!
Thank you for the update, i really like this manga
Yakuza and thick-rimmed glasses do not mix well.
the art is pretty but the story is a bit too fast paced and lacking in depth lol
Thank you for updating! This is such a good and intense story ??
they stopped at the good part lmao
Well...that was quite intense ( ̄_ ̄ )'
So, I returned after seeing the Oricon sales chart in May. I was very surprised because, for the debut of the series, this could reach sales of more than 40k copies! Lol
Japanese readers really like this kind of thing, huh? Shitsujitachi gives the same sensation of dangerous love. This, in my opinion, is far more blunt. I didn't expect it because I also followed this author's Twitter account, and it wasn't as strong as the reaction for Queen Quality, Hajimete Koi etc. (fyi, Twitter is very important in their marketing, and usually becomes a benchmark for the popularity of their series.)

Anyway, I still don't feel this is so special to be recommended because it's not much different from the kind of smut I usually read. The biting sensation at the beginning is pretty good, but, maybe I can completely enjoy this if the challenge really comes from their environment - just like City Hunter but more shoujo-ish.
That is precisely what I expected from, and more prefer Raise wa Tanin ga Ii who played more in the field of ferocious gangster love. It really makes its theme work well, without giving a gap to the feelings that make people comfortable.
Hope this doesn't clearly go off track like Coffee and Vanilla which is just pure looking at its smutty scene (I doubt tho).
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@toolongdidntread aren’t we all? ?
Arent hey just horny?
okay, so i peeked on the other chapters, and i can defs say i like this one

compared to the other smut i've been watching out for, this one has more "story" but nothing that's really new, nonetheless, it's interesting how their dynamic will develop, will watch out for more chapters!!! tysm scanlator-san!!!!!
Sooo hot! Loving the burning romance!
I guess lol, but I see that’s interesting(:
Shoujo has smut. Josei too. They both have.
What I'm talking about is where this manga comes from which section.
I don't want to make a fuss about this, just tell.

This is the Josei one that I bought from Japan :

Anyway, actually, the demographic is still ambiguous.
So I can't be convincing either. Except, which section.
That’s really random and I don’t agree, shojo is targeted towards teenagers and josei is targeted towards “older teenage girls and adult women”... which would make sense since this has smut.
In my opinion, this is Shoujo not Josei.
Flower comics are Shoujo and Josei, but for the Josei one, there is a symbol next to it.