Boku ga Watashi ni Naru Tame ni
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  • In order for me to be me
  • 为了成为女孩子
  • 僕が私になるために
  • 為了成為女孩子
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  • 400
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  • 81,172
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An autobiographical manga that tells the story of the author's trip to Thailand in order to undergo sex reassignment surgery, describing the process of transitioning from male to female. But the path to womanhood is a lot more painful than imagined...
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  • Chapter 0/8

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This manga nicely expresses what tg people feel inside of themselves. For them, surgery isn't a mutilation but a way to put in accordance their body to their brain. And their brain is fully functional and perfectly working; it's only not appropriate to their initial apparence. So, no way to 'cure' their spirit, unless you want to totally erase the personality-and that's what occurs to tg people who can't transition, they slowly destroy themselves, living as empty corpses, moving in the wind.
Last thing for those people who always shout XX!XY! : I'm happy for them to have eyes so good that they can see people chromosoms on sight, but I feel a bit sad that this is the only way for them to say that one people is a guy or a chick... and that must be a bit worrisome for their relatives...
Genderbend is made to turn the gay into straight
Yet ppl hate it. Wot??? Seriously, sometimes I wonder if some of them are even taught basic education. Seriously disgusting. Ok, maybe a bit here, maybe a bit there. But you have been at it for hours, are you sure your mentality has not devolved?
Again, so be it, for you they are not fully the other gender yet. But for them, they are. Respect other people and their perspectives. And no, yours are not opinions if you are speaking with an attitude like that.
Again, you don't like it, then be a good person and don't come here.
Mental disease? Alright then. But who are you to treat which are diseases and which are not? Humans are creatures with many personalities. What if you like sweet stuff and I say that is a mental disease? What if I say that you liking some kinds of music mean you are mental and should be locked in an asylum?
I would gladly welcome your "and?" and "ok" and theories of some nobodies with mental diseases and stupid meme pic.
In the end if you like a disease of yours no problem with showing it off as a part of yourself, as long as it doesn't hurt other people.
Propoganga manga, good for a flame war and little else
This is taking CBT to a whole new level,you just straight up cut it •_•
A great (but hella uncomfortable at times) read! The comedy feels well-done and well translated ^w^

As someone who's been thinking about "the surgery" a lot lately it was nice to have a read about it!
I have absolutely nothing to do with this but man that was really fricking cool!! 😀
I really enjoyed the autobiographical

That said it was super gross, but I appreciate the details she went into. I even laughed a few times at the realistic comedy of the nurses. Overall it's a short read that can give insight to another's life/struggle.
Decent read, generally enjoy reading autobiographical works like these but I feel the author is just not quite good enough to make this really work.
The path of no return.
This one is missing a "mental illness" tag.
this is so good btw. incredibly funny and informational at the same time. there are not a lot of LGBT manga that are just straight up hilarious
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u can be 100% sure a person knows absolutely nothing about biology the moment they start talking as if "chromosomes" determines anything
While this didnt really change my views on anything you just cant help but feel for them at the end.
Its not much of a story its basically just 5 chapters of "owie ouch my crotch hurts" and then 3 chapters of "well things are still kind of shit" but thats life, i guess.
Getting a little insight on how this stuff actually works on a legal basis is interesting i guess but probably worthless cause other countries handle it differently.
The nurses were pretty funny though. I wonder how much of that is actually true.

Now i've got this weird urge to search up pics of srs patients and i dont know if ill be able to handle that.
@Kampfarsch Indeed there is... but is that really a better fit for this?
@Awsim theres a crossdressing tag
I watch medical dramas and surgery shows on TLC, but the discussion of how the surgery worked (and food related stand ins) actually made me nauseous. Don't know what that says about me.
What a wholesome read, I totally relate with wishing I was born a girl, but would never in my life transition, so it’s nice to see someone else’s POV.
ikr. Being perverted is all fun and games, everyone got their own kinks and fetishes. But to go on and mutilate yourself for life, cut it off, like wtf, sick stuff, mental idd.
why there is no 'mental-illness' tag
Why does this manga have the tag genderswap ? It should rather have the tag crossdressing.