My Girlfriend Is a Dragon
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  • My Girl Is a Dragon
  • 我的女友是恶龙
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This adventure started with a young alchemist, who tried to rescue a princess, but this princess turned out to be a dragon. What will result in this strange, but funny meeting?
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Im confused. All in all i like the generell setting and the characters, but after Chapter 7 i just dont know whats happening anymore.

The timetravel stuff isnt that bad, but its really, and i mean REALLY confusing. The translation is also not the best which doesnt make it easier to read and understand... but its usable as a non native speaker. Im at Chapter 19 now and i still dont know whats up with the plot since he went into the future.

The story kind of needs a "cleanup" i wanna say if you know what i mean.

I will continue reading it.
Honestly, I kind of liked the time travel arc. It was a bit out of place but the deeper into it we got the more right it felt. The arc after it feels like a good progression that naturally sprung into full bloom from the seeds planted in the time travel arc. So I'll stick with this for awhile longer and see if it has the potential to become something special. Also, the FL became way more interesting to me post time travel arc than she was before it.
The story went completely sideways with the strange time travel arc I don’t know whether to keep this up considering how it seemed time and plot progression and characters were wholly inconsistent
Ive been noticing some kind of trend with Chinese web comics....

they're usually well drawn but the story is garbage and the characters are all dull & one dimensional.

yet...they're so popular 🤔
Jus go ducking watch some lo eat play through s for more wholesome and better version of this
Who thought it's a good idea to upload chapters sideways?
I tried, but I can't hang. It's not a 1, but I'm just not enjoying this one. The fan service is nice and all, but that's all there is now. It's just not a fun read.

To those of you that press on, I salute your fortitude.
It seems funny but the translation will give you cancer and melt your eyes.
the translation is so bad i cant make it through ch 1, i can see all these jokes that just dont QUITE make sense because bad translation and its ruining it for me :(
Sure, this is bad. But is it fun to read? Yes. I don't think things like this should be taken too seriously; it's clear that the intention was never to be serious from the first chapter when the bean soldiers were squashed.
tldr version: see post by @Booty_Hunter

my thoughts:

A six is described as fine in the drop down. I have a hard time seeing this as fine. I would say either a three or a four, bad or very bad. For me one of the major problems is the inconsistency or poor fit of arcs and moods the author has picked. It went from comedy to drama with tragedy and then and appears to be going back to the comedy. A decent story can have both comedy, drama and tragedy and work, but you need to select the right type of comedy. To me the banana peel, over the top, gag type humor doesn't fit in with the drama, it needed to be a type of humor that fits more into real life. Add to that the writing is not great which would be ok if they just went with a mindless, amusing story like it was at the start. Then toss in a bunch of other minor stuff and three or four.
@MangaGEM can't have a manhwa without a timeskip eh
started off as a generic romcom with its cute moments and silly jokes, nothing special, but not too bad either...
and then it devolves into a timeskipping mess that tries to take itself serious in 10 chapters flat.

it's not one of those "so bad, it's good" web comics, this is just shit.
if you want to see incompetence in visual form, this is for you.
Will he return in the past or it'll stay like this ? Caus i find it stupid.
This is a cute story. No real deep meaning and kind of fast. Take it for what it is, just a feel good time that is enjoyable. If you want something with a deep plot and intricate storyline, look elsewhere. If you want a leisurely harem romance with the basic plot by numbers, enjoy the ride.
What the fuck just happened?
The art and premise is cute. However, the plot and flow of the story thereafter went down the drain really fast. Had there been more pacing, this could have been a good plot, but this was just a mess.
The first 2-3 chapters were alright. It was promising of a decent story and cute rom-com. After time skip in literally less than 5-7 chapters, it was just no.
Props to the translation team, you're doing a great job! I just cannot read this series anymore for better or worse.
No character development, fuck the timeline, who the hell she is?, Average artstyle.
3/10. Not recommended
It starts off intentionally stupid. At least, that's what I thought.

Then it becomes quite clearly unintentionally stupid. Painfully so.
Oh God the time skip, I thought I was a jike