My Wife Is a Demon Queen
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  • Mi esposa es una reina demonio
  • Wo Laopo Shi Mowang Daren
  • 我老婆是魔王大人
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Listen up folks! I’m living my life with the demon queen!

A normal powerless male protagonist is entrusted to look after the fallen demon queen Isabella. Depleted of her powers, Isabella is forced to camouflage as a human and suppress her regal status. Evil masterminds plot to dethrone a powerful demon queen in a medieval fantasy land.
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Another garbage manhua.
series called my wife is a demon queen

the male and female protagonists have pretty much 0 romantic moments together where it seems as though they're actually falling for each other, and i've been reading since before the chapters were removed

for those looking for the missing chapter just find it in other lowly sites ( which i don't recommend)
@arkozh not really. Just use the search function, add tags you want and exclude the ones you don't want
man it really hard to find manga/manhwa/webcomic that have adventure, romance and no harem.
@Androssia - Don't even get started. Just look at CN web novels and how hard China/Qidian/Tencent strike them down. Hell, there is a novel called I'm Really a Superstar and the author literally rips songs, movies, novels, etc from other countries and has his character use them to become popular. They even ignored Disney when Disney got mad because he used Frozen's song. The irony? The novel got suspended because the author made the SARFT (basically their countries censorship controllers) look bad.
absolute garbage
Anyone else find it extremely ironic that a company from a country notorious for rampant copyright abuse would strike down the group responsible for the entire properties fanbase in the West. They still really don't get it do they?

Not much was lost anyway, the story was getting extremely stale after the tournament arc, really just is a shame honestly.
life always finds its way, btw xian ye is using loot boxes lol that guy!!!
Meraki stop the translation because a direct letter from tencents lawyers....."we have received a direct letter from Tencent's lawyer to stop doing My Wife is a Demon Queen and as such, we have no choice but to drop this series so no further trouble will come our way. I'm personally very bummed out about this and so is the translator, but as I said, we got no choice in this situation."

But well...when one go down another rise.
I believe Merakiscans got sent a Cease and desist so they removed it from their website.
am remember this manhua is trsanslated by meraky before but when i try checking in their web, its nothing this tittle is not in their list. what the problem they got ?
LMAO the astronomical missing chapter list after The Great MDex Migration.
I thought this was dead like years ago..
I am not a big fan of Chinese manga for some reason, However, I really enjoyed this one so far
MC being a busybody... 😩

Thanks for the scans.
like their own nation, they kill people for their own glory, they take others freedom for their own survival, they are insatiable desire
Chapters 188 and 189 is in manga komi for those who don't know.
@mase_aga I've also heard of it and to be hones... I kinda get that feeling that author is a dick...
Mangabat and mangahub are all my go too's when stuff isnt up here