My Wife is a Demon Queen
Alt name(s):
  • Mi esposa es una Reina Demonio
  • Wo Laopo Shi Mowang Daren
  • 我老婆是魔王大人
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  • 6.65
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  • 702,824
  • 13,377
  • 653
Listen up folks! I’m living my life with the demon queen!

A normal powerless male protagonist is entrusted to look after the fallen demon queen Isabella. Depleted of her powers, Isabella is forced to camouflage as a human and suppress her regal status. Evil masterminds plot to dethrone a powerful demon queen in a medieval fantasy land.
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@unknownsaint111 Honestly a somewhat ass MC is fine (happens all too often) but cutting the appearance of the manga's namesake down to so much is what kills it for me
I couldn’t get into it due to a bad start and beta MC,

@tigerstar186 pretty much explains everything. Sad truth. Heroine gets little screen time and MC is like delusional and arrogant..

Its actually not that bad believe it or not, especially in the later stages of the comic.

Not gonna say its perfect, but at the very least I would say it probably deserves a 7 or a 7.5
Series had potential, but mc is annoying as shit and power creep is wayy out of control.

Also, for a series called "My Wife is a Demon Queen", said Demon Queen has the least screen time of any main character.
this happen because the MC didn't go for the head or the heart, just like Thor and any other avenger, they need to be lose first and win next time, because the tittle is "avenger"
Where did all the chapters go?
I see the entries, but none are available
Oh finally the story is interesting again ^^
This tournament was pretty lame until the last chapters and I hope the next ones will be good too.

You lack reading comprehension. You don't even understand what I was saying, friend. My point is that Meraki shit the bed because they think (wrongly) that MangaDex is preventing them from making money even though it supports us going to their TL site. So they pulled their shit from MangaDex.

They are pissing on everyone here even though MangaDex actually allows them to have ANY kind of say in what is and isn't posted and actually tries to help out the TL groups. Even though they are making money on someone else's IP and hard work, yet they can be this arrogant. Other sites with automatic aggregation will not listen to them - and will not take down the series if they whine hard enough. Ergo taking it down from MangaDex just hurts us here and MangaDex and doesn't help them - meaning they lose and we lose, and that was their intent unless they're really just that stupid.

Thus we should never give them any hope that hurting sites who have been beneficial to them is a good business plan, and them running around being arrogant demanding more money for someone else's IP is pretty shameful. We may be pirates, and that's okay in my book, but they're definitely worse. I just consume, I don't resell and then act like a lord to harm others while demanding more money for something that isn't even mine.

Also, 'your'*
Wait what? All chapter disappeared? ?
@Kayriel you make a big fuss about how aggregator sites do illegal shit by simply posting the group's uploads somewhere else. If you actually bothered to think about it, ANY site that uploads things like this is a file sharing site - which is illegal. Aside from that technical argument, I've had to look into the legalities of scanlating, as I'm a member of a handful of groups, and its ALL illegal, whether the manga is licensed or not.

In other words, bitching about another site posting a group's works, bc the group is having some childish feud and boycott with one site, is akin to you yelling at one pirate crew for stealing from another pirate ship.
The groups can't do shit about aggregator sites, and they know it. And you gotta remember - there is no "official" site to post manga to. So even mangadex is, you guessed it - just another aggregator.

TL;DR - you're bitching is invalid and annoying, so shut up.
mangakakalot is up to date
Great another manga I've lost my place on because of some angry masturbator translation divas
Why can't I see the chapters anymore?
This has gotten pretty decent recently
Merci pour ce web comic j'adore l'histoire ^^
Great another drama queen group...???
you guys all talk about shit, remember you read this freely not paying any cent!
Guys u need to learn French now ?
Hey guys. Let's refuse to use the traitor TLs' sites altogether and go read them on aggregator sites which DON'T respect their wishes or try to help them advertise their websites, and will refuse to take down the translator groups' illegally repackaged product that they're making money off of.
What's the point of all of this the group do not allow to mangadex to post the manga wtf
Such a bullshit ?