Over Rev!
Alt name(s):
  • На предельных оборотах!
  • オーバーレブ!
  • 极速传说
  • 賽車女神龍
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  • 8.45
  • 55
Pub. status:
  • 69,530
  • 1,440
  • 394
Over Rev! is a manga about a senior graduate named Ryouko. A while back, she injured her ankle in a track meet. Since then, she didn't know what to do with her life, until she finds out about street racing...
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/31
  • Chapter 0/349

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120 chapters translated, scanned, and typesetted in like 60 days. The Devil works hard, but not as hard as this scanlation group
@xMirage I have all 31 volumes already but I'll be starting University in a few weeks so I won't have as much time to translate since each chapter takes around 2 hours! Glad to hear that you've been enjoying it! :D
@jn3813 That's gonna suck but thanks so much for what you've done so far! This is really one of the things I look forward to whenever I get back from work. Really helps me out destressing! May I ask what's gonna keep you from continuing this pace? Is it due to the lack of material? I'd happily donate if that was the case.
@Nik You're welcome! And thanks for reading!

This manga has honestly been a joy to translate and read thanks to all of you guys! I'm kind of disappointed that I'm probably going to have to start translating at a much slower pace soon but I'm really glad to have been able to do this! Hopefully someone else can continue to translate this at a regular pace but I'll do my best to get this manga completed in the future so we can all start reading Cross OverRev! (though I expect that to take a long time)
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@Yukine1 & @Big_Boss
It is available on the Manga Cross website:

Also just wanted to say thank you @jn3813. Over Rev! has always been one of my favorite series since I first read it around 2005. Have finally been able to convince friends to start reading it since you picked it up.

Edit: oops, thanks for pointing out I misspelled your name somehow, was on mobile and didn't even notice, lol.
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@Yukine1 is that thing?
It really is a thing D:
Any idea when or where , the sequel, Cross Over Rev! can be found ?
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It will be better if Over Rev got some animation too, so we can see how those works differently. Although they have same basic principal, but they have differrent point of execution.
Sadly, it didnt got animated although the the producer already working on it.

Anyway, Over Rev from beginning to the end was fun to read but not very satisfied due they focused too much on racing, but lack of information on each races.
@Dankn00ners Oh, sorry, forgot the course was shortened on the arcade games to increase the sense of speed. Should have based it on AC/rFactor instead for more realistic times.

@hartex92 No need to be sassy with me sassy mc sass pants. And no, I will not read that manga again. Once was enough and it's long enough to make me forget what's what. But again, Takumi's skills pre Project D was honed because he wanted to go home fast enough without messing up the tofu in the back of the car. Bunta gave him a cup of water but didn't tell him the reason was for his driving to become smoother. Everything he knew before hand was more instinctual. Hell, he didn't know a thing about cars prior to his first official race with Keisuke. You cannot tell me his dad taught him anything with that lack of knowledge. Bunta mostly tells what he taught Takumi to the gasoline station owner but he never spoon feeds Takumi the information. Like when he got the Impreza and beat Takumi with it, subsequently telling him to switch between the two cars. But he never outright told Takumi the exact reason why he did that. Bunta did not teach Takumi the gutter trick, or the weight transfer, or the no headlight trick, etc etc. He learned that himself. Hence why he was so shocked when the Impreza did the gutter trick too.

Also, I could care less if Tsuchiya was a point of reference or not. I personally like the diversity of cars in Over Rev more and how everyone drives differently. It reminds me of other mangas like Wangan Midnight and eXDriver with more niche cars.

Basically, if you like realism and a lot of technical jargon, read Initial D.
@xMirage If his dad didnt taught him the driving skill, then how he can mastered that from tofu delivery??? From his natural talent??? That will be BULLSHIT in fact.
His dad actually taught him about drifting and others in last volume Special chapter when Takumi was running away from his home due his dad went drunk despite their economy was tight at that time and he thought his dad forget his birthday. He showed his son how to drive fast on downhill after picking him back to home altough only few times, not much.
Try to read it again before arguing my comment, dude. You even dont know that manga was joined with Keichi Tsuchiya about the knowledges of mountain racing and car specs for each racers. Over Rev in fact wasnt even close to it, they just focusing on street race with import cars included but forget main point of driving skill.

PS: Ryosuke didnt taught him the skill, but he only adding what Bunta didnt add. What Ryosuke did was collecting data, tuning the car and giving him some advice before racing in order to ensure his winning streak before his permanent retirement due his job on hospital cant give him sufficient sleeping anymore.
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@xMirage Realistically, it should take them about 5 - 7 minutes to run the whole haruna course.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h4t8XleFuI This guy is one of the best when it comes to Mt. Haruna in Assetto Corsa, and his fastest time so far is still a little over 5 minutes. Which is a huge, huge, huge difference in time from 2 - 3 minutes that you gave. In racing, a difference of a minute is already a massive one.
@hartex92 More like Takumi pulled wins from his ass. He almost always won in every battle. Except for Kyoichi but only cause he was angry about that thot Natsuki being a thot. The techniques Takumi got wasn't because Bunta taught it to him, it was because he wanted to get the delivery done as fast as possible. Bunta never really teaches him anything other than really vague shit. Ryosuke was the one who really taught him skills when he made Project D.

But anyways, Initial D is a legend but the battles are way too long. I find it more boring than Over Rev when the battles go for more than 1 volume or something. A thing that MF Ghost is suffering from too. Races are fast. Going down Haruna the way they drive would take you 2~3 minutes. You could lengthen it to 2~3 chapters max but when you've got an entire volume for one or two battles, holy shit that's just bullshit.
Greatly appreciate the effort put into scanlating this series, Most racing/car manga never seem to get picked up/finished so it was a joy to see Over-Rev be picked up again!
Comparing to Initial D, this one has wide variety of car selection like UK, EU, US cars unlike Initial D who focused on JDM cars.
However, from story and knowledge wise, Initial D gives you more in-depth about technique, car information, skills, tracks and other things that you can learn from it.
Over-Rev barely have it and mostly just too boring in any aspect and Ryouko is just a rookie fucking annoying teenage girl compared to Takumi who is clueless airhead young man but has excellent skills thanks to his dad who taught him everything from 7th grade till end of Initial D story.
The opponent from Initial D was scalingly well from Beginner to Expert as the story goes, meanwhile Over-Rev opponent just throwing everywhere (easy hard easy) literally like that.
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@Lexical Haha you're welcome! Glad to see there's still so many people interested in reading this!
@xMirage nice
Seems like it will be fun nontheless.
There aren't enough racing manga out there (or scanlated, at least)
Whoooaa it's back! Thanks JN3813 !
@hughinja - Definitely no Takumi. The female lead, Ryouko, is a complete beginner trying to catch up to her skilled friends. It's just that she has good determination and great mentors that she's able to pull off wins.

Thanks to the people scanning and translating this! One of my faves is finally alive again! Hopefully we'll be able to read it to the end!
Is it like Initial D, just with a female Takumi?
If yes, then it will be awesome
Thanks a lot for picking this up.