Release That Witch
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  • Fang Kai Na Ge Nu Wu
  • Relâchez cette Sorcière
  • 放开那个女巫
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  • 8.27
  • 1,470
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  • 1,341,897
  • 23,818
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A male engineer transmigrated into another world, and became a prince. This place strikingly resembles the Middle Ages of Europe, but at the same time, it seems kind of different? Witches truly exist, and they even possess magic powers! Magic powers are productive forces! Save the witches, liberate the productive forces! Open map, fight demons, break conspiracies, climb up the science and technology tree, and open the path of hardcore ‘farming’!
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Guys if you want to read release that witch with english version you can check it on manhuanelo(.)com , up to chapter 180
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@Mangakitsune it's hardcore farming. What exactly don't you get? What's next? Do you not understand how special it is to "open map"?
I never thought I would see “HardCore farming” in a manga description
@ ispcizero3rd,
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i just saw the raw and i saw 2 uploads, 176 and 185 and in 185 wtf happend at the rest 177 to 184 ?
Pretty good story, as a manhua it actually outshines a lot of manhwas and overall the characters as well as the story are well developed.

Only problem I have with this is slightly small; currently the story is more of a "merry go round" type that although hits fulfillment levels rubs off as a bit unrealistic.

The story undermines the reality of many traits human beings have, and sometimes I find it a bit hard to watch a few girls who were formerly prosecuted have more power than all the citizens and eat sweets+learn all day while war is unfolding right outside of their nation.
@KevinTOC because the original uploader deleted them?
What the hell happened to chapters 1-30?! How could you release a comic without the first 30 bloody chapters?!
Why no English update?
Probably just me, but I do not want a mass release for this one. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love this story, but I want to sleep.
@LuziferSenpai On any bot sites.
I honestly expected trash but surprised on how good this one is, progression is smooth though some parts feels like it should drag out a bit I do like the fastish tone that it has.
Well in that regard @MugCat , in the story it does say that he's letting the witches use the items first as a test run, he doesn't know everything, merely the basic concept of it. He then asks for info on the said product he made so that he or someone else that works for him can adjust it to fit better. Everything he's ever made has always needed to be tested first. Also he can't just arbitrarily say that "Oh yeah I reincarnated into this world tehee~ because then he'd either just get ousted, exiled, or killed by the people. Sure he saved them a bunch, but people in medieval times were rather misinformed all the time.
I like the series overall, but I wish it wasn't so "man has gifted women life". Like, bro. The common bra designs of today aren't actually supper good for the back as they weigh heavily on the shoulders. And like hell is it chill for the dude to basically claim to have invented bras, disregarding the movement behind its creation by working women for working women. Like, I love the girls and I enjoy seeing the social dynamics change that the story pushes for, but sometimes it just really frustrates me as these characters that supposedly have all this personality be used to just prop up this one dude and be so reliant on him. Yes, teaching them science and modern concepts I get, but I wish the author would give some credit to these girls and handled the bra topic by being like "oh, hey, lets let lord boi give some concepts and then hand over the rest to someone who actually has boobs and who can better figure out how to distribute weight and fit to form for maximum efficiency" rather than this "lord boi sees big heavy boobs; lord boi knows solution". And its not like this is the only time the author has done this, though to this blatant degree is new. I just desperately want these girls to be given the chance to show their own strengths without as much man-handling as there is.
This is the only chinese Manhua I've seen that is consistent and has almost has nothing of that cringy Chinese humor that was never been funny.
Does anybody have a page, where I can reread the first Chapters?
I said it in a Chapter comment but man is the image quality on some pages bad. I love the series and translations, but it's nearly impossible to read some of it because of small text + poor quality.
yoooo nice!
Thx for the translations😍
I dint wanted to sleep anyway