Meng Shi Zai Shang
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  • The Distinguished Cute Master
  • 萌师在上
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Yuan Chu transmigrated as the opposing boss in the novel, but she was wiped out by the male lead Ye Chen Yuan. Fortunately, she reincarnates once more, but back to the past, when Yuan was still young! Looking at the pitifully weak Little Yuan, she is troubled by a dilemma. Should she: 1. kill him, or 2. raise him up and openly ask for treasures from him. However, since she wants to get all sorts of treasures from him, she chooses the second option. Things don't always work out though, as she accidentally raises a sheep up to be a big bad wolf.

Master? Want treasure? Let's cultivate together, but alone, just us two, then.
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oh shit this a now
Tried to check the raws for the manga and novel. It's funny that manga censored (just cut out) some scenes from the novel in ch.179, so now I'm wondering if there's a lot more missinig?

@immortalartisan depends on your tastes, it's a typical chinese cultivation but with a fun and cute FL. She'll be a loli for a long time, still the author is rather successful in not making romance too weird or uncomfortable. Just check a few chapters, you'll either like it or not.

The gap in chapters is probably some team deleating their chapters for whatever reason, as always try other sites.
Is this worth reading?

Also why is there a huge gap of missing chapters?
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@controversial-me lol yes you got it wrong i meant @Lupin the leader of oneshotscans not Lupin the Third
@Wolvenworks Lupin, but that was --apparently-- the name of smth else my bad
@controversial-me what reference?
@Wolvenworks darn : / thanks for responding to me anyways ♪(‘ε゚人)*.+ (nice reference btw)
@controversial-me i would, but those are from OneShotScans, and their site is now dead, so we'll have to wait till someone manages to dig up their entire catalogue...or at least until Lupin uploads them
@Mai_loves_icecream Yeah tbh now that I think about it Shounen probably suits this more. And these aren't really stereotypes, by now they're basically genres. They started out as stereotypes but that's not how it is anymore.
@Aanik other than the ml having interest in only one girl there's nothing else shoujo about this. Maybe it just rubs me the wrong way but isnt there a lot of fighting, level grinding(?) and all that jazz with shonen how an Mc wants to get stronger to protect his loved ones? As far as I know shonen is that. Maybe I have a personal vendetta against all these stereotypes but I disagree.
best manhua ever with female mc
Lmao the last chapter 😂😂
can someone send me a link to the missing chapters
blue-haired guy got catfished big time lol
So uhhh, please update sooner or later. I prefer the sooner, as do other people- I think.
So err... where do we find the missing chapters now ? (Besides in our hearts)

Thanks for updates.
Thank you for the daily updates! :DDDD
So good! I love the Male lead and Female Lead.
Oh I see, I have forgotten. My bad. I really like the story and characters so far though.