Mokuyoubi wa Kimi to Nakitai.
Alt name(s):
  • I want to cry with you on Thursday.
  • KimiNaki
  • Quiero llorar contigo el jueves.
  • Я хочу плакать с тобой в четверг
  • きみなき
  • 木曜日は君と泣きたい。
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  • 7.79
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  • 270,407
  • 6,995
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“–I have a dirty secret about myself.”

This is the story of four individuals that attend Teito University:
Aikawa Kaoru has a secret they can't tell anyone.
Senmitsu Ryou, the childhood friend who's always by Kaoru's side, also has his own pile of secrets.
Shimuzu Reika, the model who Kaoru yearns for, too has a secret that she must not let be seen.
Saotome Chiaki, ever or so popular with the girls, has a secret they don't want others to know.
Four people who wish for love and have become liars; let the curtain rise on their painfully earnest, sexual love story––!

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    saotome went from riajuu to a beautiful girl. I shipped reika before but saotome ended up not bad.

    To anyone that doesn't want Idol Pretender spoiled, don't read my spoiler and fhq's spoiler comment. To be fair, having the ending to Idol Pretender spoiled is one of the nicest things anyone can do for you before you read it. The ending is garbage, in spite of the story being enjoyable up to a point and having some great nonsensical but fitting with the story moments before that.

    As for Mokuyoubi wa Kimi to Nakitai, the author of this manga uses some badly forced circumstances to create the story. However, I found the ending to be mildly satisfying because the one pairing I didn't want to happen, didn't happen. Overall, as far as manga tends to go, this one wasn't bad. That said, I can only name maybe a handful of manga out of the hundreds I've read that don't commit cringey writing sins and this one definitely committed a few. So, it's not actually good writing, it's just good compared to the utter garbage that most manga are. I've been questioning why I still read manga for quite a while now. Mostly, I think it's just because they come up with more interesting premises than most western writers are willing to even attempt. So many authors just want to retread a "safe" premise these days. I wish so many authors would take an actual writing class and not just read a manga for idiots wiki and try to wing it.

    Anyhow, I don't know that I'd recommend this manga to anyone but I can say I've read a lot worse. Regardless, thanks to the translators for this.
    @animekek69 sorry bud. Hope you still enjoyed it for what it is
    @fhq yes fuck you, you piece of shit for spoiling it
    woah guys, use the spoiler tag :v

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    The relationship between the two leads is sweet and the art is nice. Don't believe the mangadex description though, it's not the story of four characters, it's a romance story between the two leads and the other two characters are peripheral to that. One of the side characters at least connects well to the main character's backstory, and has complicated feelings because of it. The other side character gets one chapter of exposition and then is just blatantly antagonistic in her every subsequent appearance. She's used to make a point about love and obsession, but she's really just meant to cause trouble and make the main character look good by comparison, which is too bad, because the MC is already likable. She has a big scene in the first chapter and then that never really gets expanded upon or really referenced again, and she feels out of place in the story (the MC has a crush on her in the beginning, she gets the MC to try to pair her up with the love interest, the MC pretty quickly starts liking the love interest more and so she just gets relegated to antagonist pretty quickly).

    This is mostly my pet peeve of hating characters who exist only to be hated. It's okay if that character is just a plot device to help develop another major character, but this girl is ostensibly a major character, and her only role is evil scheming. It's not that I think she needs "redeeming qualities", it's that she's only ever there to cause conflict, and it's clear that she's never going to get what she wants and that nobody likes her that makes her a less interesting antagonist.
    Thank you for the compliment xD
    I appreciate your kindness, stranger~!
    Lol @Nyaaa that is some way to summarize it all..

    hahahah i cant get serious with this story when i read your comment.. The way u summarize it reminds me of olaf from feozen 2 xD
    Nooo. I picked the worst chapter to catch up on! Took me awhile to like this series but it's definitely growing on me.
    My heart is not strong enough for this kind of drama. It's so sad.
    As someone who, in one way, wants to receive recognition from others --truly confessions to accept who I am, I too sometimes come to the decision to dislike humans but I equally need them.
    This gives hope, but the plot is not an attractive type to be pulled longer. There will only be endless uncertainty and frustration, even though this has been given from the beginning.
    I love this series so much. Thanks scanlators
    Well, Reika is shit. Senmitsu is okay. Though a bit of a jerk. Saotome is fine. Kaoru is fine. His mother is Fucked. His dad is stupid.

    When someone got mental issues like that dumbass mother, go to the hospital dipshit. Ya ain't a doctor.

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    Thank you for your hard work translating this. One of my favourites right now.
    Woah, if only the author learned how to storytell...
    wow i didn't see a yandere
    Omg omg omg omg omg ahhhhhhhh
    Damn this is pretty good