Kyoushitsu Jibaku Club
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  • Suicide Bombing Classroom Club
  • 教室自爆クラブ
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Three years have passed since the bombing of a classroom by a boy who rarely came to school. Now, the seven survivors of that incident have gathered in that classroom. One of the survivors, Takumi Shindou, informed the other survivors that one of them was responsible for giving the bomb to the culprit. With those words, the search for the accomplice began. At the same time, a female student went to a private high school in Tokyo. "All of you will die with me," she said, with a bomb wrapped tightly around her body... Thus continued a chain of terrorism by bullied students, striking fear into classrooms all across the nation!

Tiga tahun berlalu sejak pengeboman satu kelas oleh seorang anak yang jarang masuk sekolah. Saat ini, tujuh orang yang selamat dari kejadian itu berkumpul kembali di kelas. Salah satu yang selamat, Shindou Takumi, memberi informasi bahwa di antara mereka ada yang bertanggung-jawab memberikan bom pada pelaku. Dengan ini, maka pencarian orang itu pun dimulai. Pada saat yang sama, siswi perempuan di sebuah sekolah di Tokyo berkata "Kalian semua akan mati bersamaku!", dengan bom di badannya. Maka, rantai terorisme oleh siswa yang dibully membuat kegemparan di seluruh negeri.
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At least the art's good.
I don't understand
Is there some kind of sequel to this? Considering the ending...
Did this get axed? Didn't expect it to end it with volume 3 already.
Got the full manga in the mail today, finished reading the final book like half an hour ago.

Great read and I'm glad I went and bought it to see how it ends (only 3 books total so not expensive), hopefully Nameless will see to it that the third book gets translated as well.
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Whens the next chapter coming?
dumbest crap I've read all week
Nyanyanyanyanyanya. . . .
Good manga with a solid scenario.

Also a good warning, considering nowadays with the shadows online market it's possible to get explosives without being noticed, as long as you have nothing to loose.

I was someone who spent nearly a decade being mentaly abused by basicaly the whole school, especialy in middle school, being called "virus", "stinky", "poisonous man", "fucking nerd", "die-a-virgin", etc. Not physically, tho , since the only time someone tried, I sent him to the infirmary. But every single day, at least two or three random students would just insult me out of the blue. Finding my bags in the trashes had become a routine, to the point the school comitee had to lend me a safe for leaving my school supplies on. There were signs of trying to force the locks, so I had to find the janitor several times a month to break the padlocks and bough them in pack. Also, people found it fun to test their knifes sharpness on my bag.

I have been on my own for most of my life. And the worst of it, I think, was that the school never ever took real measures to stop the shitty mentality of the student. Sure, when I pinpointed the phone numbers that a bunch of bitches used to spam me for fun u with random insults when somehow they found out my phone number, they got 'formal warnings', but that's about it. Some dude trashed your bag ? 'Formal warning'. Some guy wrote insults on your desk? 'Formal warning'.

I was even more or less encouraged to cease any proactivities by the school that I did on my own. For example, some idiot student found out the Youtube gaming channel I did back then, and of course I got stormed by insults from people from my school, always mentioning my real name. And in the following days, I'd get convocated by my fucking school commetee to be informed I was not authorized to mention the school name to my fucking content!! Translation: "You makes a bad buzz, stop your channel because you could make bad publicity for the school."

Another time, some arabic dude even got to the point of going to the student comitee to tell them I said racist insults to him. This dude was filled with records of bullying up all his ass, but they still believed him and I got to write a fucking apology letter to the same guy who, the very day before, insulted me for 30 minutes on a bus along with 10 others people, to the point the bus driver menaced them to call the cops.

And, as the manga states, they didn't do that for a reason. They do it for fun. I had a different mentality than them, so I supose my very existence was a crime to them.

My point is, I can clearly tell you, you can clearly drive the most sane person to do the biggest attrocities. Simply because humans are animals that reproduces the behavior of the other. In my case, I managed to vent out all my anger from the bullying aways by playing videogames, reading (sometime writing) books, drawing and the like, but I cannot deny I felt extremely good when I could do the school comitee job and pinpoint enough evidences of a bunch of students to get them suspended.

No wonder some people with more anger management issue end up shooting people from their school.
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@Crazybars. It's really not that hard to figure this out, the girl is too far gone, and it seems the entire class either physically took part or just let it happen which in her eyes is only redeemed by death. You won't notice a bomb in your jacket pocket when you're literally so scared shitless that any glimmer of hope is a miracle in itself.

As for the other woman, she set the bombs beforehand, she's the one who invited everyone there, and while they were all arguing she could easily set a bomb in the doorway. Also we don't know how long the two of them had been gone so it's completely feesible she followed her victim and placed the bomb with enough time to hid in that one classroom and wait for white knight MC.
person below me is retarded, this manga isnt even bad
Nothing in this manga makes sense.

If the girl bomber knows bully girl bullied her, then GEEE, wouldn't she be focusing ALL her revenge on bully girl and her flunkies?
Also, why the hell would she believe anything bully girl says or claims? Her believing bully girl is dumb, she's dumb, random person who somehow missed a bomb in his pants is dumb, it's all dumb.

Or the bomb investigator boy, his brilliant deduction is EVERYONE's A SUSPECT.
No shit Sherlock, you were a suspect too!!! Oh and apparently the original culprit bomber is a genius Moriarty who can teleport and defy physics and set timers and teleport traps by defying physics.
is this done by house-husband mangaka? cant stop thinking about it
do they just release a new chapter every month? like whats happening here.
very peaceful manga. and ost is solid.
Wish i had a bomb ?