Deity’s Path through Ten Thousand Worlds
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  • Deity’s Path through Ten Thousand Realms
  • Master of Legendary Realms
  • The Immortal remains of Ten Thousand Realms
  • The Immortal remains of Ten Thousand Worlds
  • ไธ‡็•Œไป™่ธช
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  • 7.56
  • 52
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  • 52,229
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Every world is like a flower, The secular realm as we know it is but a speck of dust in the hands of deities and demons. One moment for them, a thousand years in the mortal world. Even mountain ranges and vast oceans are but mere illusions

The Tianyuan God Sect was once the mightiest sect in the great Dashang. Ye Xingyun’s master and also the sect leader of the Tianyuan God Sect, Diejiu ascends to become a deity and leaves the sect in the hands of Yi Xingyun who’s cultivation has stagnated due to missing one of the eight veins
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this story past 107 chapter at other sites!
Where can I read the original translation? I mean ives Windsor? I guess Superman is Yao shen and Batman is feng yun
I want an English translation but with original names plz anyone
It'd be nice if someone just took the official English and gave the Chinese names back. It's too jarring to see what is clearly a xianxia setting and have Game of Thrones names thrown left and right. The fact that it's the official English scanlation really says it all, I can just imagine if some Marvel movie made it to China and they replaced Tony Stark's name with like Er Gou Dan. At least Ghost Stories went full abridged, this localization doesn't even make me laugh.
Already read until chapter 100. This manhua slowly becoming the next star martial god technique. Please stop author
Too short. I already read 75 chapters in one go. The story is great. Little bit romance plus conflict in family becoming my favourite genre.
500% arggee with ya , just drop it after chapter 10, fells like there just making it up, fells like I would be better off using Google translate
@allenallenallen333 thanks for the heads up

The localized names in that mangatoon version are sooooo bad. House Stark, House Bolton wtf lol...
In case you didn't know, MangaToon has obtained the official English license for this manga. They are at 32 chapters right now. I have added the link to their official English translation on the external link.

It IS MangaToon though, so it's kind of shit.
@LordDiablo i dont know if theres a novel or not but i know theres a 3d animation
Can anyone give me the link to the novel or it hasn't been translated yet?