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The world is being assimilated by a crazy religion, and to stop it I have become their satan. The religion is controlled by aliens, and people don’t have a clue. The world says that aliens don’t exist, but they are everywhere. How am so I certain? Because I am also an alien.
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Wish this was more popular. This is good shit right here.
not my cup of tea but its quite fun to read
@Kaldrak Personally i enjoyed it, its a mix of comedy/ a serious plot. You may not like the art but i think it compliments its very memey nature. (This is coming from someone who is not really an avid reader of manga, light novels or web comics)
@lsbkf Well, going back through the comments I see a whole lot of nonsense.

Disclaimer: I'm a lefty, but I'm not easily offended by anything. This thing worth reading?
I wanted to comment about how the disclaimer at the first chapter was bullshit and how the comic actually represented reality so well it hurts, but somehow the comment section actually devolved into political banter.
I don't even want to try and figure out who is trolling / feeding / a retard / a SJW.
The hell happened with this comment section?

@Tabitha If I judged you wrongly, I apologize. But on discussions of public policy I always do a double evaluation of what people say; the actual words that come out of their mouth, and what those opinions will look like upon real-world implementation. I am not convinced that anything you say you want would differentiate from my characterizations of them in that case.

I will admit to some over-reaction, and I apologize for that. I have American family and they've been screwed hard by pre-2017 regulations and policies.
@ninjadork First of all, thank you for properly trying to answer to me. Next I must apologise, since I lack the skills in English to properly answer you back.

We have such different worldviews that I believe any further discussion fruitless.

Also, sorry for all the innocent bypassers, I still think Uglyhood is a good series; Elsa is seriously badass character and I look forward to seeing where her story goes. My apologies for wasting so much comment space. I just learned the use of spoiler tags... *hides in a corner feeling extremely ashamed*
@Tabitha Let's start by answering some of your questions:

I call you narcissistic and malicious because that's how you speak; supremely self-centered and assuming that your extremist incomprehension means a dissenting viewpoint must be both factually and morally wrong.

Oh, and I like how you extend your moral/mental judgements to an entire country of people you've never met and (I would bet money) you've never even visited. IDK which country you think I live in, since I live in Norway, but regardless; stellar xenophobia you've got there.
@ninjadork Rather than malicious, I was so alienated by your text that I didn't know whether to laugh or cry (thus my comment about talking to an alien).
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@Tabitha Ah, so you fall into the malicious category. Good to know.
@ninjadork I never said it wasn't complex.
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@Tabitha Well, if you're going to be an overly simple and particularly narcissistic idiot about a complex topic, I'll keep this short.

Giving your own money to charity is good. Robbing people at gunpoint, taking a cut of their money for yourself, scattering the remainder in the street, and telling your victims that they should be thankful for your generosity and the violence you inflicted on them is evil.

I have never yet met an advocate for "universal" healthcare who did not advocate for the evil model, either through laziness (an unwillingness to acknowledge the complexities of reality) or malice (a self-righteous conviction that your victims deserve to be robbed).

It is also worth mentioning that in every single historical instance where "universal" healthcare is implemented, it has uniformly conformed to one of two models that match up rather well with the above categorizations; either the nation in question had a series of geopolitical circumstances that allowed them to mooch off of someone else's generosity, or "universal healthcare" was nothing more than a fraudulent euphemism for "healthcare rationed according to the whims of the powerful", a la Charlie Grad.
@ninjadork What's wrong with wanting universal healthcare? Is healthcare too good for some people; if you're rich enough you get it and others should be left out? That's kinda disgusting thinking ?
so ugly
Started good and went downhill for me...
>he thinks i was serious

As for the second part:
Nazis might be economically left wing, but they are also socially conservative, and are in that sense right wing.
What is known as the Alt-Right is mainly united by their race-realism and social conservatism, while there are widely differing views on economics, ranging from AnCap to NazBol on the extreme ends.
Talk about simple child humor.. This one is good but after a while the story got serious like hell.
what I said here isn't really a spoiler it just an option to hide long comments

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@QeDelphyn Gonna be honest; as soon as you started calling Nazis "alt-right", I stopped listening. Sovereign Citizens could potentially be called "alt-right", but never Nazis.

I still don't understand why anyone thinks (Neo) Nazis and facists are "right wing" in any sense whatsoever. Nazis, facists, and their successors are some of the most hardcore left-wingers in existence, right down to demanding stuff like UBI, universal healthcare, all religions being subservient to the state, control of the media, etc etc etc. Hell, all the leftwingers of WWII loved the Nazis; if it wasn't for the Holocaust and Operation Barbarossa, they'd still be proclaiming their admiration for the Red-backed Swastika from the rooftops.
@QeDelphyn Good one.