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The world is being assimilated by a crazy religion, and to stop it I have become their satan. The religion is controlled by aliens, and people don’t have a clue. The world says that aliens don’t exist, but they are everywhere. How am so I certain? Because I am also an alien.
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Started good and went downhill for me...
>he thinks i was serious

As for the second part:
Nazis might be economically left wing, but they are also socially conservative, and are in that sense right wing.
What is known as the Alt-Right is mainly united by their race-realism and social conservatism, while there are widely differing views on economics, ranging from AnCap to NazBol on the extreme ends.
Talk about simple child humor.. This one is good but after a while the story got serious like hell.
what I said here isn't really a spoiler it just an option to hide long comments

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@QeDelphyn Gonna be honest; as soon as you started calling Nazis "alt-right", I stopped listening. Sovereign Citizens could potentially be called "alt-right", but never Nazis.

I still don't understand why anyone thinks (Neo) Nazis and facists are "right wing" in any sense whatsoever. Nazis, facists, and their successors are some of the most hardcore left-wingers in existence, right down to demanding stuff like UBI, universal healthcare, all religions being subservient to the state, control of the media, etc etc etc. Hell, all the leftwingers of WWII loved the Nazis; if it wasn't for the Holocaust and Operation Barbarossa, they'd still be proclaiming their admiration for the Red-backed Swastika from the rooftops.
@QeDelphyn Good one.
@QeDelphyn @Kayyou Oh no, how could this be, our plan has been foiled! Fine,we have no choice now.
You are right, we are totally and definitely, Neonazis that hate Jews 100%. Oh and my Jewish friend that I have? nah, just ignore him.
We also totally plan to dominate the world under the one supreme god
Yum-Anus! FUFUFU
We are propagating the vile hatred of skin, even though more the half of us are the "hated" ethnicity, including me, a bit odd, but we serve our neonazi white supremacist leader Shitler. We are totally an white supremacist group(lead by Asians) to spread the Elsa pepe meme, because some how that will fuel our power(even though it has been reused so much times, now its just a meme to express feeling, or to reference, or to make fun of these certain groups.) to the glory of uhhhh... stuff.


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@Kayyou The author is a well known alt-right neonnazi white supremist and the aliens are obviously supposed to be the Jews controlling the world from the shadows in his racist, antisemitic delusions. The TL are clearly in on it and are propagating this vile hatred of the color of the skin. Truly disgusting.
@fire You could go ahead and join the Discord server and tell us in #feedback.
This korean manhua doesn't get it. It's a mix of childish humour, simpleminded characters, including a daft MC. The comedy is simple and over the top. The art is quite bad, and the translations are filled with grammatical errors. Not recommended.
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Only brain dead people think pepe is a nazi propaganda, or someone that consume a lot of stupid mainstream media.
saying pepe is nazi is like saying the ok sign is white supremacy.
I'm a bit freaked out by pepe (nazi meme) showing up at the bottom of every chapter. Is it the translator's doing?

Edit: OK, instead of getting straightforward answers I've just been trolled and insulted by 5 different people as of now. I was just asking a simple question. This tells me more about the community than the meme itself, I guess.

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The drawings turned me off so I dropped this
Hm.. reminds me of ONE's onepunchman. Weird shit slapstick-y jokes, with a disconnected MC. But the best part? Random TL notes talking sh*ts, which beautifully fit with the manhwa's mood!!
This is one of the most underrated thing I have seen on this site, It should really be at least an 8* average
All I could think at the end of chapter 2 was the cardinal dude looked like he was trying to be freddy krueger
The description doesn't do it justice(I almost skipped it). Uglyhood is so much fun to read.
This writing reminds me of "Aura from another Planet" and "Hive".
This is really great! Thank for translating!