She Doesn't Know Why She Lives.
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  • Nande Ikiteru ka Wakaranai Hito: Izumi Sumi 25-sai
  • なんでいきてるかわからない人和泉澄25歳
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Izumi Sumi, a 25 year old part timer struggles through anxiety and depression, pondering the meaning of her own life.
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  • Volume 0/2
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ringoanu released a new chapter, I hope it gets translated
Read this entire thing while listening to excuse by c418
What a great read, I relate too much with the MC.
Kinda wish there's some continuation with Her progress in life after seeing the end.
Really great, although I really cringed at some of the decisions Izumi made, in hindsight i have made those same decisions myself, so i guess i have nothing to say about that.

For those of you in a similar situation to Izumi, focus on something. Whether it be a hobby, an aspiration, something. Focus your life on that one thing, while it may not be that healthy to focus on one thing, it will at least help you in your path to resume normal life, for my friend, it was science and doing things for the good of humanity, for me, it was creativity and the drive to create something truly awesome, hopefully you can find something to help drive yourself out of the pit that is anxiety and depression.
Too relatable. I can feel the MC's thoughts. Good stuff.
I connected with this one on a deep level, felt pretty much the same way she does at the start when I was 17 all the way until I was 23
I pass butter.
Great read, the feeling is unparalleled when you look back and wonder what the hell you were even worried/anxious about.
me neither
Oof, this manga really hits me. I was mentally and physically hurt because it's so true , some made me almost cried. Sometimes My stomach would feel weird and I had to stop reading for a few minutes
It's a good manga, but i wouldn't recommend it to my friends. I don't them to think "So you want us to comfort you?" or something similar like that. But I would love to find someone who find this manga by chance/coincidence so we could talk about it.
I also want to see how other characters' perspective/what they think of what they think about each other or about themselves
bonus points if her family appeared. Oof, that would be harsh (and hopefully heartwarming/wholesome)
never before have i found something so relatable. there are so many times in this where the text echoes my own thoughts. i believe i started reading manga with the intention to find a way to understand my own situation, to find a way out of it, to know if my situation was relatable or if it even had a decent reason behind it, and after reading this it feels like i've finally found everything i'd set out to find. an absolutely outstanding work
This hits a bit too close to home sometimes...
this manga makes me feel about sumi the way i think my parents probably felt about me. i pity her, i'm frustrated with her, i worry for her; sometimes, when she does something good for herself, i'm impressed at how tough she is. it's an imperfect, uneven manga, but it definitely captures something real.

good luck, sumi! do your best.

edit: thank you very much to the translators!
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wait that was the end?

what a fucking ride man, volume 1 almost made me cry but vol 2 just made me really happy god damn

thank you exor for translating this
Jesus, this is just "I'm in this picture and I don't like it": The Manga.

I'll praise it for being realistic in some ways, but BOY does it hurt to read some of the time.
Its like that manga about a Neet nee-san
this hits home so hard haha....haaaa.....
a batch release... time for some angst

thanks for the release, though!
thank you