Akachan Ryuu no Osewagakari ni Ninmei Saremashita
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  • Baby Dragon Sitter
  • I've Been Appointed as the Caretaker for a Baby Dragon
  • 赤ちゃん竜のお世話係に任命されました
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  • 6.76
  • 832
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  • 390,846
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The dog trainer Yui was summoned into another world as a "Guiding Hand" to raise a baby dragon. The dragon is a "Holy Dragon", who have protected the humans from the invading demons for many generations!
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  • Volume 0/2
  • Chapter 0/14

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Great short manga, awesome dragons with a nice romance story.
was this axed?
no wonder I passed out here
This was such a nice read through to the end, unfortunate that it ends here however. I wouldve loved to see more.
Thank you and congrats on finishing, SilverGimmick
I was hoping for a duality on the last panel. but I guess it's fine.
It’s really a nice shoujo manga.

The rating on this is ridiculous. Based off the general ratings on Mangadex, I would expect this to be about 8/10. The art and design is better than average to be honest. The translation reads smoothly. The plot is shallow, just like what you would expect from a cooking manga or something like that. It’s a shoujo manga. Why some people critique it like they are reading a historical text is not something I understand.
Sigh, only a couple of chapters left in this one I think. What a pity.
Oh no, he's hot.
I don't know why but instead of the MC, I feel something off on Alec. 😤 Probably because his looks is the generic player-type in other mangas and also from what I read in Abide in the Wind, the royalty is the antagonist in dragon-human love 🤔. Also, i don't believe his brothers died due to illness and he's acting waaaay too shy/infatuated for a king. He's definitely hiding something!!! 😖

...Or maybe i'm overthinking it and the story is not that complicated. 😅 Anyways i'm not reading this anymore 😤
While I can easily see it turning people off with the simple protagonist, it is rather fun to watch to see how she overcomes the situations she's put into with her knowledge as a dog trainer. I cannot wait for more.
Super good, super cute! The heroine isn’t some battlefield warrior, but she’s very emotionally strong, no matter if she’s threatened or kidnapped she just keeps powering through with whatever she is capable of.
The girl pisses me off she literally has no physical ability of her own and keeps on going kyaaaa kyaaaaa and Im like honey maybe just stfu and blushing so hard when she has any interaction with anyone of the opposite gender lmao. I see the plot going nowhere. So all in all, Really annoying if you are looking for a heroine who is capable of lifting a teacup you came to the wrong place. It's okay if you are looking for a read that you don´t need a brain to understand tho ig. The art isn't incredibly bad. Just really bad. If the artist is taking critique i suggest learning how to draw a dragon that doesn't look like a rat. And also learning basic human anatomy, the poses are stiffer than my back. I was going to disregard how bad the faces looked, until i saw the side views and the 3/4 views this dude hasn't drawn realism in what looks like-never. Plenty of incorrect shading and unneeded shading. I don't know who drew this but I'm 14 if me- a person who has been only drawing for a few years can point out this many mistakes what even are you? ( ok sorryfor taking this huge shit of critique over here I have nothing to do)
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Thanks for the new chapter, simple but enjoyable.
This almost puts my mind to Pern...
It’s not bad, but it’s just so, so generic
the story is cute but the art... is so bad...
This is the most generic Josei Isekai I’ve ever read
There are wars like that IRL too, the two Koreas are still at war with each other. A ceasefire doesn't count as a peace treaty.
....... the first thing that pop up in my head when the war lasted for more than a millenium is:

-how come one side isn't wiped out yet? With a literal flying nuclear bomb how come the demon haven't been wiped out yet? With power that can only be counterbalanced with said flying nuclear bom how come the demon haven't wiped out humanity in the interval that the dragon is raised?

My hypotesis:
-Both race ma*ed like rabits