I Am a Child of This House
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  • I Am a House Child
  • I Belong to House Castiello
  • I Belong to House Castielo
  • Naneun I Jib Ai
  • Pertenezco a la Casa Castiello/Castielo
  • Soy hija de esta casa
  • 나는 이 집 아이
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"Pink Eyes," a young girl, has lived a life filled with battery and abuse by her mother, but she has two unexpected factors that may play a role in her life: first, she has gained memories of her previous life as Seo Young, a 23 year-old Korean woman, and second, she is a nobleman's illegitimate daughter.

One day, her prostitute mother takes her to the empire's sole Duke and claims that the girl is his child to gain alimony from him. Although he seems to not believe her, he nevertheless buys "Pink Eyes" for 20,000 gold. With that, her new life as "Estelle" starts.

But what truly awaits her? And is she really a child of this house?

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@Siquall i started reading seeing the cover and am now wondering at which chapter she is a bit more grown up/when will there be a bit more action? Currently at ch. 29
I like the new cover, it's really cool.
The translations don't make much sense and makes the story hard to read.
Soooo, for the last chapters we need to see the official?
Are these machine translations? No offense but some of the early stuff is rough to read. Most of it is fine but there are parts that are hard to decypher.
I'm loving this a whole lot, thanks translators o7
Thank you for the awesome work of translating this series!
Manga68 have chapter 91. Decently translated and clean as well.
Thank you guys for suggesting where to find the manga. It's such a good manga! I was so confused at one point and wondered if this was a slice of life manga but actually the author is getting you attached to the characters. The plot that's building is definitely more serious and looking back, I loved the journey we went to get here. The isekai bit however feels pointless. Oh and obviously I freaking love Emel!
well crap
thanks manga ru for the hard work!
Yeah whew when she said I am the master of this house. Damn made me tear up.
it's up to chapter 91 on other sites and boy oh boy. Things are pretty tense right now.
Bato.to has this to chapter 91 and lectortmo.com has it to 93 but it's all in Spanish. So if you speak Spanish this can be fun too.
Totally agree with the previous comment.
Anyway, luckily there's another group translating this, too bad they don't upload to this website( Well, you can still look it up if needed
manga68 has up to chapter 91 translated. Kinda feels like Manga Ru couldn't be bothered for quite a while now.
Honestly I had forgotten completely that this was supposed to be a reincarnation story.
Sad to see it go but I was starting to lose interest too so I cannot really blame them.
So they miss out on a chunk of the chapter then announce they arent translating more.
Are all those blank bubbles meant to be there because it feels like no
I don't know what happened. I actually quite enjoyed this.