Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei - Nyuugaku-hen
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  • The Irregular at Magic High School - Enrolment Arc
  • The Irregular of a Magic High School
  • Непутёвый ученик в школе магии: Поступление
  • พี่น้องปริศนาโรงเรียนมหาเวท
  • 魔法科高校の劣等生
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  • 7.90
  • 336
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  • 127,814
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Shiba Tatsuya is an honors student without magic capability at First High School, a magic high School along with his sister who happens to be the top student among the freshmen. What will happen to him, and how will he live his school life where he is one of the many reserves in the school looked down upon by the chosen magical students?

Adaptation of the original novel's volumes 1-2.
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  • Volume 0/4
  • Chapter 0/22

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The light novel and anime are better than this. The chapters being out of order obviously doesn't help, but even without that major issue, I don't really think there is much point to reading this (unless you greatly prefer reading manga over anime/LN).
The 1st chapter and moving forward most of them are not in proper order at all. Please fix it asap.
To all that reads these I think whoever did this arc thing might not if read the novel or something as it's all over the place.
the last page of chapter 21 is out of order, is actually the 7 @NorthAway
This manga is pretty to look at and tells a horrible story. The main thrust of the story is a justification for the remnants of japan's cast system. But hey, its just restrained ecchi; shouldn't take it too seriously. I'd be wary of this author however.
Urgh... Finally! This series got way too many Manga sequel than I thought, the artist seems changing frequently as well.. wonder why is that.