Oversimplified SCP
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  • Introducing SCP roughly
  • SCPをざっくり紹介
  • 簡明易懂的SCP
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The SCP Foundation is a fictional organization documented by the web-based collaborative fiction project of the same name. In universe, the SCP Foundation is responsible for locating and containing individuals, entities, locations, and objects that violate natural law (referred to as SCPs).

This manga summarizes the reports of the SCPs currently under the Foundation.

Based on the SCP Foundation
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SCP 650 is just the nicer SCP of Peanut Neck Snapper.
451, a sad one, the full desciption even explains how whatever made life invisible to him even made the agent immortal and he can't be touched or harmed,what is happening can't be explained too, the SCP site is trying to make him guess what happened but anything clear is invisible to him too.
They even used a fake result from a SCP that predicts when someone is going to die for making him believe that he is travelling between worlds where everyone just died/disappeared every day to keep him sane.
Don't really know how it could go forward, maybe some other SCP could sense him but the creator should really explain clearly what is happening.

He is a liability for the risk of one of his actions could have on the security inside the site, as he thinks he is alone and understood that death avoids him he doesn't care about open doors and stuff.
They could probably trick him into a room and close him in, or the curse someway stops them from fully caging him.
But they could use one of the numerous SCP they got that helps in crossing the bordeer between life and death, as I said is all in the creator hands, happy it covered this one, is pretty interesting.
@Chabert that makes sense, thx.
@jmonsterNEO Yes, sorry. I simply didn't remember its name but remember it was a seemingly harmless teddy bear.
I really liked the concept behind SCP-711. Only with 1 rule, it ensures both SCP Foundation longevity and it's doom.
@Chabert you probably mean builder bear, because there’s more than one teddy bear SCP
@salem5 It had was "Safe" because it could be easily contained. All you had to do was to gather murderers and some other criminal offenders to suffer the burning wrath of the SCP. It got Euclid when the legend and analysis pointed out that the witch was, in fact, still alive and roaming around. In other words, the "true SCP-3998" is not contained within the organization or anywhere else (if she is still alive).

Safe relates to easy to contain or harmless effects (which was the reason why the teddybear SCP was Safe & free at first as it seems that it was harmless).
Oh my god this is able exist here that amazing
SCP-3998 gave me chills. The body was from the evil husband, not the the actual Wicker Witch. THE WICKER WITCH IS STILL OUT THERE!
How did SCP-3998 ever get a safe classification if its effect could go outside the containment? Maybe I don't get it.
Holy shit!
Holy fucking shit, how the fuck did I only just now find this!?
*Australia is a Keter class anomaly.

...or perhaps thaumel, it is a useful place, after all.
Why is that a SCP? That's normal kangaroo behavior.
Australia is a global hazard.
Yeah that timing is interesting lol, glad they got it.
@Moogal Lol. 7 days later...
Mmm, they skipped the best part of 179 where she tells off the Foundation for being a bunch of control freaks, she'll help them but not be owned by them.


Edit: ^ is a link to a much more descriptive version, very well done artistically.
@CandyQueen what human, I only saw raccoon
This is the modern day mythology book.
@CandyQueen That's the point, everybody sees him as a raccoon even though he is human. He is an agent perceived as a raccoon even through recordings.