Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils (Phoenix Entertainment)
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  • Tian Long Ba Bu
  • 天龙八部
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  • 223,848
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Prince Duan Yu, having run away from home many times, is finally about to welcome a huge turning point in his life. Seeing the most beautiful woman in front of him, he brazenly calls out 'Fairy Sister'!

This is the familiar story of 'Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils' by Jin Yong you know so well, as well as a new story!
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This is really good, but not everything goes the MC's way, hence the people's frustration.
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Has dude found a girl he can be with yet? No major spoilers I made it to the mid 60’s and put it on hold because dudes daddy was a manwhore.
@Sam360 Well it could mean the normal world view of it rather then officially....That said the written story has multiple protagonists
I think this story is trying to go through the whole of it with just one view point instead of all the contrasting ones and this person dosent end up with multiple wives but one the people he meets does?
Is this title has a sub theme Harem ?
I saw a novel with same title themed as a harem..
Damn.. i thought i stumbled upon a decent looking manhua. I thought to my self "if the rating above 6.9 or above ill read it"
I thought 6.9 was pretty low but NOPE. Turnsout i shouldve keep my expectations even lower
Basiccally this story is about how everyone in the generation above the main character's engaged in adultery and the main character trying to figure out who he can be with without it being incest...

It's a shame, because the plot seemed to be good until the whole thing about everyone cheating and being related and not being able to be married and being forced into eating aphrodisiacs and all that came up. I guess if you're into that kind of drama then this is for you.
very confusing very useless very pointless like what even is a story . a plot what's that never heard of it i dont undrestand why is this a thing
@xKaidoh Yeah, I don't understand why these shitty webtoon adaptations are being translated instead of the ones with awesome artwork by Tony Wong and Ma Wing-shing. Jin Yong novels deserve better than these cheap looking, mass-produced adaptations.
Man I hate this rendition of the story. Tony Wong's version is so much better.
Kept reading because I liked the art and was hoping it would get better. It did not and now feel like I just wasted a couple hours of my life. Through 78 chapters there is yet to a be coherent story line and the is MC is utterly useless. All in all it was frustrating read it would not recommend even as a time suck
Oh dang, I looked at the title and I remembered they made a movie about this in China. I don’t know if it did well at the box office, but now I’m glad I never watched the movie after taking a look at this.
Random, aimless, pointless. If you're looking for a story with a plot look somewhere else.
Mc gave him the most powerful finger laser of all
Edit : Double posted by mistake
What the hell is with the stupid fan? How do words keep appearing on the fan? How can the fucking squirrel or whatever it is use the fan? And in one scene, the MC has his acupuncture points blocked but can still use the fan anyway!

It looks so retarded. Imagine if you kept pulling out a fan from somewhere to reply to someone, people would think you are a weirdo.

It feels like the author is trying to be funny by using the fan but it just looks retarded instead of having any comical value some college kid sticking toilet paper all over the walls and then going "LOL ARENT I FUNNY AMIRITE GUISE???".
all these fingerlazers going whoosh have me in tears im laughin too hard
Omg, 58 chapters amd the MC did something!!!!
When is dudes momma gonna reveal that she cheated and he gets to make a full harem with all his “sisters”? That’s the ending I want. He just looks at his daddy on his wedding day and say “Bitch I ain’t your son, these ain’t my sisters but I will marry them all and still be the successor to your family. So for fucking with our minds these past months I will banish your philandering ass to the monastery.”
I don't even know what the point of any of this is? The MC doesn't do jack shit for the most part.