Fechippuru ~Our Innocent Love~
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  • fechippuru ~ bokura no junsuina koi~
  • Fechippuru ~ Nosso Inocente Amor~
  • Fechippuru ~ Nuestro Inocente Amor~
  • Fechippuru ~Our Innocent Love~
  • Fetiche Puro ~ Nuestro Inocente Amor~
  • Fetiple
  • Fetipple ~ Bokura no pure love ~
  • Fetipple ~ Our Innocent Love ~
  • Fetish Couple ~ Our Innocent Love ~
  • Fetishism ~ Our pure love ~
  • Pure Fetish ~ Our Innocent Love ~
  • What I Love About You
  • Фетишизм ~ Наша чистая любовь ~
  • フェチップル
  • フェチップル~僕らの純粋な恋~
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  • 8.12
  • 2,959
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  • 2,074,120
  • 46,174
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I love long hair! Tatsu Yunoki, our MC who deeply loves beautiful long female hair, heard a voice scream his name. It was Kotoka Hatsushima, and, under the impulse of alcohol, both he and she decided to date each other. All they know is that... they love each other's hair and back?! It’s not necessary to know anything else! They clash fetish against fetish, and come together in a fun and romantic comedy! And, well... What is your fetish...?

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After season 1 ended, I dropped it because honestly a love triangle isn't interesting or wholesome. Moreover, they just completed changed the main characters and its just hard to get back into the manga.
Wait they were dating? I havent Actually reached there and I dont plan anytime soon
But if they aren't dating it's good.
They want the drama between the guy choosing or the girl choosing who is their final choice, it's basically a harem with a real heroine and less opponents.

People's tastes are theirs dont roast them to much it's their shit dont mind it. Plus I think the first season also had som love triangles elements. And it was fucking great, the school thing in the second season isn't good for it they made it to cringy.
Sad to see this manga's popularity dropped like %80 after ch. 73
@CrynoZephyr so you are justifying being a loser by calling it a fetish, imagine being that be of a cuck that you let some other man or girl fool around with your girl/boyfriend
I wonder why didnt the author just release another manga instead of a season 2?
this manga is about a person's fetishes so if you mind dont roast his likes and opinion
@Fila23 what are you on about, love triangles are a good read? go fuck yourself
please end the arc already lol.
Yeah the author may has been 'milking' with the S2, but it's actually a good read.
I want to know more about the girl with the bondage fetish
It pains me to read s2, dropped
I am gonna treat ch 73 as the end of this manga, I will rate it but definitely not s2 included....like that is just authors way of milking this manga, that is how it feels to me at least. Like damn....really disappointed
@ekvitki Its kinda smart really. If you have an established title just keep moving to different couples. It reminds me of https://mangadex.org/title/20138/nande-koko-ni-sensei-ga but its not as ecchi and a bit longer between stories.
It started out good but now it turns into a love triangle shit 😑

Why the hell would you change the couple? If you’re gonna do that just end the manga and write a new one.
I'm throwing in the towel. The first 4 volumes were fantastic, and while I like how the 5th ended, these last couple volumes with the new characters have just taken a nosedive. I gave it its fair chance, and I can safely say that it just isn't enjoyable.

Read 1-4 for sure, read 5 if you must, but you can safely skip everything after that.
@l0liconn the main couple changed, like it happen every volume of Nade Koko. And now is a love triangle or something
haven't read this since March last year and it became a harem manga?
I'm just coming back from time to time, to read the comments about s2. And yeah i don't really like it either
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Ok this is one of the best romance story I have ever read .... I loved the first season 1-73 ... I'm rating it 10 for it .... I'll read 2nd season later btw the end was satisfying ...