I'm a Fake NPC
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  • Wo Shi Ge Jia De NPC
  • 我是个假的NPC
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  • 291,146
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Games are now more immersive than they have ever been since fully diving into a game is perfectly possible! But what would you do… If you get spawned as a NPC Blacksmith? SuFei begins his everyday bitter and dull Blacksmith life together with a beautiful female player and his Loli assistant. However, everything ended in that NPC trip….. Don’t come over, I’m really a NPC! Wait, what the heck is your slogan? “ Exterminate the players, the world belongs to the NPCs?"
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All english chapters removed...
"Type: Dropped
Status: Canceled"

Welp, looks like NinjaScans dropped it. I guess we will have to wait for someone else to pick it up for those that are still interested.

Edit: Looks like the drama hit this too.
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Art is lackluster mediocre
This has a good concept and started off interesting but over time I've found myself not giving a fuck about this at all. I'd followed it but the last few chapters that have been released I just marked as read without actually reading them and it was at that point that I knew I needed to just drop the series. Meh.
Good concept, bad execution
This could've been a good story but it's just......boring.
This is probably one of the more boring manhua I've ever read. The MC is OP, but useless. The loli seems to be thrown in as a plot device, but is just annoying and useless while trying to act cute and failing miserably. The player characters all come off as two-dimensional characters, and nothing has broken that idea in the entire 39 chapters thus far. Finally, the art... No effort was put in, you can tell this was rushed out to make a quick buck. Everything is fast sketched and colored in. No fucks were given, and only a basic amount of consistency is used. Everything and everyone looks stiff like a doll, nothing looks natural, and the weaponry looks generic in a 'kid's drawing' kinda way.
I don’t like the art style…. mangas have a defined style, while manhwas and mahuas are all unique and edgy. The problem with this one is that the character design is subpar at best. I notice it the most with female characters, it almost feels like “Hey, I got tired of drawing, so here… have a pair of tits….”
chinese businessman simulator
I remember doujin
Uninteresting. Ch 27 in and there's nothing note-worthy about this manhua.
Plus, author doesn't seem to know how to illustrate his idea in the form of a comic.
The MC have to do a wall breaking game mechanics explanation to the reader or narration.
It feels like I'm reading a novel instead of a comic.
Pacing is fine if you read it in one go but the chapters are too short so it's not worth waiting for.
This story could be dark if the author wanted it to be, or go at a much faster pace. They have chosen to just tell a story, there is no clear direction to where it will end up going which people mistakenly think of as a lack of plot but it will get there nonetheless. It's just slow.
If the author wanted to darken the story they would emphasize the character being trapped and not have any hope, have the character being trapped in a game getting shutdown, or even have the 'real' character show up to find out the NPC is only a copy doomed to live as a NPC . As the author has yet to hint at any of this, the story will probably continue as a sitcom.
This looks like trash and has no plot. It's actually gotten worse
What a the odds of manhua being both "good" and "make no plot progression whatsoever after 22 chapters" at the same time?


Don't waste your time on this.
Author is sooooo lazy. It looks like he(she) absolutely hates drawing. He(she) have skills though.
Story where it has no sense of direction.
Also why most asian game out there are sooooo grindy? of course some of western game are grindy but not as worst as the asian game especially from china and korea.
Anyway, the reason I talk about it was because the MC mindset, he was literally every chinese/korean game company, japanese game are still within tolerateable in grindiness.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything offensive it just I personally hate this kind of game, where profit was everything and anything is monitizeable.
It has good potential story setting but the execution is terrible.

Not recommending to read this, I'm sorry translation group, but this manhua is sucks.
Not a very good story and only gets worse with each new event and character. Not recommended.
greyhud90 you are why people should be forced to wear a muzzle until they show they are mature enough to talk to human beings and should not be allowed on the internet until they understand those same behaviors should carry over especially when you have anonymity. Guess some people just are not mature enough to handle it. I gave a well reasoned argument for why i stopped reading this one manga, ie if it is not fun i will not support you meaning less ad revenue, and your sense of entitlement was so strong you started projecting it onto me. Toxic children like you are why so many artists agree these sites of hate, discrimination and control should be shut down. I could go back too reading them exclusively in japanese, or start learning other written languages, to get my comic fix. So many of you would crash and burn without all this though. No place to hide from your failure at real life, less income for people trying to leach off the skills of others. Go ahead, keep making it hateful and toxic, that is all trolls like you can create.
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First 4 chapters was interesting and fun.

Then the rest of the story became boring and lame. Don’t waste your time on this. There’s no character development and it gets repetitively boring. No emotional connections to any characters or plot. It’s not even a fun story that’s enjoyable. It’s a mental chore to read the later chapters after chapter 4. Dropped