A Slave Who Wants To Do Perverted Things With Her Master
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  • Goshujin-sama to H na Koto Shitai Dorei no Manga
  • Goshujin-sama to H na Koto shitai Dorei no Ohanashi
  • ご主人様とHなことしたい奴隷の漫画
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  • 354
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  • 313,325
  • 9,080
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Short gag comedy manga about a slave who wants to do perverted things with her master.
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  • Volume 0/1
  • Chapter 0/?

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the setting is weird af, the time period is ambiguous but there is slavery in the same time there is mangakas, cellphones and modern days buildings, the guy seems to have a lot of strength and seems to care for the girl but she is still in rags for some reason.
Is she related to Lalatina
@gregger I don't think she was sold as a sex slave. The male clearly doesn't want that, and she was not cleaned up and dressed to be attractive before sale.

I think the sex slave thing is just her horny delusions. Shees a boring gruntwork slave that wants to be a sex slave so she can bang her owner.
it's probably a modern world with legal slaves
Is this a medieval world with a modern day mangaka? Its weird to have a sex slave market in broad daylight anywhere
This reminds me the manga "Rough Sketch Senpai" by Onio but only with the slave theme. . .
@blakenstein more specifically, she's a sex slave, and this appears to be a world in which such a thing is normal. Any more than that, it's a gag. She's a sex slave that wants sex but isn't getting it. Best not to think too much about it, the Japs are fixated on tsukomi still despite it being a super old and honestly pretty stale form of comedy, and this is the industry that keeps pumping out variations on the same isekai themes forever because Japanese teens are so easily entertained that they keep buying it anyway.
Ok... so why a slave? There doesn't seem to be any need for it, aside from the manga industry's bizarre obsession with slavery. They could've just made her an assistant, a neighbour or any number of other things. It doesn't seem to serve a purpose, nor does it seem to fit the character.
this manga says more about its author than anything ive ever read. i feel like i know this man, and i feel like I'm not a huge fan.
Well, it was kind of fun to read the ten chapters here at the moment. But I think at this point the series' single joke has been beaten to death thoroughly enough that it's not worth following to see it again a bunch more times.
Plus yeah, I agree with @Carnage both about her situation being kind of sad and about the clothes.
Get her some proper clothing goddammit.
A change for the worse, from dense MCs we stepped down to faggot MCs
Was looking for an artist's twitter that does a manga about "cursed painting".. then I saw one of the tweet post this manga and remember, I have seen this one before.

Oh yeah... here is the said twitter link https://twitter.com/kasama346/status/1098900928562814977
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Am I the only one who feels that her unrewarded desperation is actually kind of... sad?

Also, if nothing else, couldn't he at least give her proper clothing? :v
I mean, her being a slave was the hook that got me to read it.
So, I’ve been looking at this from the perspective that she isn’t actually a slave. Instead, I think she’s just kind of a bit crazy and is really into role playing as a slave. And the mangaka just puts up with it because it would be too much of an effort to contradict her and he just wants someone to help.
Interesting. A harem protagonist in a (yet) non-harem manga.
This guy is a harem protagonist. There is no other possible explanation as to why he's so dense.
good shit
Comedy, Romance

Ooh, one of my favourite combos! What's this about then?

<Literal sex slavery>

... okay, what the actual fu-

<Is actually fun and fluffy>

... huh, colour me surprised.