Blue Hearts
Alt name(s):
  • Юные сердца
  • قلوب زرقاء
  • ブルー・ハーツ
  • ブルーハーツ
  • 6.97
  • 6.80
  • 235
Pub. status:
  • 161,420
  • 3,452
  • 56
“What the hell are you doing, me?”
Already half of his high school life is over and none of his hopes and dreams have been fulfilled yet…
This is how Yuuhi Nagi, who has no friends in his classes, has been living his uneventful empty life – until he got dragged into this unexpected crisis!
This is how the lives of the four people who are most likely to repeat a year, and the person who will help them succeed, are connected.
This is where this bittersweet coming of age story begins!!
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Ooof. Not the best follow-up to reLife. Starting the series with sexual assault and following it up with suicide... how are they going to continue?

Is like... the 4th story arc going to be ethnic genocide?
The story feels a bit forced and unrealistic. The punishment on a student to help other is out right weird and the interaction between orange hair and smart guy is strange (I don't want to spoil so ill leave it here).
Summary looks promising. I'm going to wait until this has more chapters before binging.
@Freestyle in case it wasn't painfully evident, my comment was 100% aimed at this line of yours "Current storyline is again forced, that's a stupid reason for bullying and escalated too fast" because you seem to completely ignore how much bullying can go wrong quick, and also how obsessed is Japan with stigma , once you're branded BOY good luck with dealing with that shit.

Also Japan has a hilariously bad justice system and that's well known, they bother more with IP theft than they do with say cases of abuse. You really think they are gonna prosecute a class of juveniles? Please..........
@PlanOfInaction yeah nice try, have not even rated this yet. You are just pissed because people dont like what you like, very mature 10/10

@BGMaxie Yeah thats not what I was saying at all, please learn to read. Never said it didnt happen, where on earth did I say that? Said the cause of it wasnt that good here and was forced. People not feeling a thing for it is not even what I was referring to but you are telling me they just got off scot free because they deleted all their posts and shit and no one ever questioned the suicide? It aint that simple, esp in Japan where they have a problem with suicide ofc people will bloody investigate this. It doesnt look good for the schools image either
@Freestyle I don't think you're aware of how much of a gossip fest Japan is. Anything nail that sticks in ANY way is bound to get hammered pretty pretty hard, and I can tell you something as the personal victim of an exact 14 years straight of bullying: Harassment needs absolutely no reason at all, anything and everything can be used as fuel for it, and the rest is just mob mentality supporting it, which honestly doesn't require much to ignite. Sure this may look extreme to you and that's understandable to a degree, but please don't think for a second this kind of shit cannot happen irl, because it absolutely can and it actually DOES. Bullies who torment their victim until the point of suicide EXIST, and yes very often they feel absolutely nothing for it, due to the fact a victim of bullying is more often than not, not even considered a person, just a comfortable punching bag for your free uses, so please culturize yourself more on the subject before issuing critics, thanks.
@Freestyle and you can comment without sounding so indignant and pearl-clutchy.

Rate-bombing over being offended is an immature thing to do and those that do it harm others by skewing the rating system. Such behavior is deserving of mockery. If my comment hit close to home then maybe you should do some reflection.
@PlanOfInaction you can comment without sounding so condescending you know? Whats wrong with you

Current storyline is again forced, thats a stupid reason for bullying and escalated too fast. There's also no way the police or anyone investigating wouldnt know the cause of her suicide, its not that easy to delete your footprint on the internet.
This had such a great rating before. What happened?

*reads through the comments*

Oh... people (tunblrinas?) were offended that a topic wasn't portrayed exactly how they prefered it to be and they immaturely took it out on the ratings. Reminds me of the saying: "it's like demanding that grown men live on skim milk because the baby can't eat steak."

Children please gather round. Don't rate-bomb things just because you get offended by some event in the manga. Consider the work holistically before rating or don't rate it at all. You ruin it for others looking for something to read and damage the credibility of the rating system.
Seriously? They bullied her because her dad killed her mom? How is that her fault? I feel like that's a forced story-line. People would usually be empathetic towards someone in that situation.
I think this one is underrated but I guess a lot of people don't really like it , preference varies
thought it was bleach LUL

its not about taste, it had no place in the story

It was done poorly and for no reason

Dont just overrate an author just because he had a successful series before

And that's fine. To the future readers of this, all you need to know is how ReLife went - the consistency of the story, as well as the character developments that happened. Scrap all the bs you're seeing here.

Mostly, the rating is low bec the way the sexual violence issue was handled is not to their taste. But y'all should see that for yourselves.

Personally, I find that ONE CERTAIN ARC handled rather tastefully. If this comic was explicit enough to actually present the sensitive parts happening vividly, who knows what triggers it would've sent to the readers.

This comic is just starting. People are clamoring over one arc. Give things a chance.

P.S., Thanks to WhiteOut Scans for picking this up!
I would really recommend this. 👍 Why? If you read it casually, then you would find this a very light story about life and social issues and friendship powers. But if you read it deeply and think about how the story goes, then this story is deeper than you thought.

I can say that this story is good with a lot of improvements. The more I think about it, the more improvements it needed. Yes. I'd say that I would recommend it but it is always up to the readers on how they will rate it. Also, because of the sensitivity issue in this story, the author was probably scared on elaborating it more deeply (even if I dont have a problem with a story )

To be honest, its okay for me to be like this because this a comic and not a novel. Its fine if the story ia good. Comic shows scenes of the stories through picture while novel makes a story full of emotion and sceneries and scenes through words.
@Desgod This is fiction, if you get insulted by the contents of something like this, then maybe you're the one who needs to grow up.
I wouldn’t recommend this. Characters and plot are shallow. It really must take talent to be able to take very serious issues and somehow make it seem no more harmful than stealing a pack of gum.

I honestly find no fault with storytellers bringing up the issues of sexual assault. BUT if you’re gonna do it, you should do the topic justice. That wasn’t done here. In fact it’s treated in such a cavalier way it’s generally insulting, disrespectful, and disgusting.

@kazu19 I think you have some growing up to do before you go telling anyone else how they should feel about anything.
Heck yea! He punched him in the face! It fixes the whole thing! Wohoo!
Because everyone is a soy and cant handle reading contents like these. Honestly, this site should just automatically hide series with sexual violence tags so the people who doesnt like it wont even learn about it unless they search for it themselves (and still rage about it because theyre dumb shits)
why is this getting so much shit....