Do Chokkyuu Kareshi x Kanojo
Alt name(s):
  • Dochokkyu Kareshi x Kanojo
  • Extremely straightforward boyfriend x girlfriend
  • ド直球彼氏×彼女
  • 超直球 他×她
  • 8.85
  • 8.88
  • 1,489
Pub. status:
  • 709,539
  • 20,475
  • 43
Meet Shinichi Honda and Mako Wakamiya. One’s a boy, and the other’s a girl.
But both don’t hesitate to say exactly what’s on their mind.
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Comic Rex is an idiot magazine and not coz of this.
This manga has given me tinnitus and diabetes.
This manga is written by a woman if anyone couldn't tell by HER GIVEN NAME BEING NAGISA
Dear ComicRex: go bankrupt and rot. You don't deserve to stay in business after letting this gem get away.
Yes, that's what it looks like.

The author wasn't able to talk about the state of the serialization this whole time but the situation is currently that the series will no longer be published in ComicRex, and the author is looking to see it continued in another magazine.
@Chromoz Apparently it was dropped by the publisher and author is looking for new one.
This suddenly died out during summer. Haitus or something? Just asking.
Do you guys know where i can find the RAW of this manga? I can't seem to find it on the Pixiv of the artist. Thanks.
Any idea when the author will resume the series?
All the yelling aside, this manga is a pretty accurate representation of teenagers starting to be sexually active.
Is this series in hiatus or something ? I haven't seen new chapter in comic rex for a while.
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I just looked up namai and added it to my list, thanks!

And absolutely, ha ha.

Good use of "'Nam" flashbacks.
Not that slow-pacing isn't also realistic, but it certainly can be painfully done, and this is a nice...change of pace!

Yep, agree, it can be VERY painfull - there is a lot examples of the manga that cant balance on the "story" and "character development" - and mostly its bcs author know that his series is popular and begin to stretch the story by all what it takes. Omg, ive got Vietnamesse flashbacks remembering Nisekoi - this one is the great example of word PAINFULL - i just wanna get my time, wasted reading it, back, bcs this is how you DONT WRITE STORY EVER - when there a lot of characters which do noithing half of a manga and the story is just fucking fillers mostly.
Another one, that lost its balance - Horimiya. I really love and hate this manga at the same time. Love bcs of the great first ~50 chapters and hate what its become over last years - characters just frozen in time and since proposal there is just fillers and boring side characters (omg even 100 Anniversary chapter is about fucking wearing hoody at school - WTF?!) - this is how one great manga can become just crap bcs author-kun want more money and stretch his work by all what it takes.
And lets look at the GOOD example - Namaikizakari - this one is how it at the same amount of chapters (100 as an Horimiya) you can push your characters through the 3 years (!!! - scholl and now university) and open up characters and their relationships so deep, like mostly never one does, prefering to draw some crap sport festivals fillers etc. Yep, its painfully to wait 1 chapter for month over the many years, but when the writing is good - you never tired of waiting.
So - our topic manga is great example of humor, balance, romance and realism - we knew from the first chapter that this is not some honey-pure shoujo manga, so its great to see, how it act like it supposed to be - loud and clear, not covering all with some pure kisses after a few years of publishing, but running like a grown-up train - "we are couple? lets have sex!" - this is how you write when you in no need to pretend that your manga is something else - you just write it with the same idea that you have in the beggining and your characters would feel much realistic compared to the 90% of the manga's market can offer.
Honestly, I don't get the arguments claiming the manga is stupid.

It's incredibly self-aware, it has very well written characters and dialogue. It parodies and utilizes tropes (upending expectations and embracing them) for maximum comedic and dramatic affect, and it embraces it's premise of characters who are very over-the-top, led by a particularly straightforward couple. The constant, excited shouting is also very original and energetic, which is necessary for a manga based on high-energy, and balanced by the more "subdued" straight-men characters (The Little Sister even notes this when she says she has to watch out for her "dodgy" older-sister). Solid comedy, really.

As @jmann and others mentioned, it has fast paced and one might say...realistic development. (Not that slow-pacing isn't also realistic, but it certainly can be painfully done, and this is a nice...change of pace!)

Also, physical romance! Hot Damn, what a world.
yep, you can say this manga is stupid etc, BUT - it have one great advantage above the similar (or not too similar) romcoms - CHARACTER FREAKIN DEVELOPMENT! Everything moves characters forward and they are really grow!!! maybe even to fast. And this is amazing - their relationship reachs such point in 24 chapters that any other manga would take 100+ chapters and YEARS of your real time waiting. So - maybe its stupid, but with this HUGE PLUS it feels more realistic than 90% of romcoms 😈
@TrueGoddessReincarnation Yeah man THATS what im talking about, you feel me
kind of a slow start but definitely worth the read, fellas.
I'm sticking to the serialization, which took the month off for June. I'm sticking to the serialization mainly for the sake of consistency and also because I'm afraid I might screw something up otherwise.