Legend of the Tyrant Empress
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  • Legend of the Phoenix
  • Легенда о Фениксе
  • 霸凰传说
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As the young and handsome Emperor of Zhao Ming returns from the battlefield, he runs into a simple-minded girl with extraordinary strength. This girl can stir up the entire world with her powers, able to change the weather itself. And so, the stage that the ministers have set is broken and the fight for power begins!

Russian / Русский
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This manwha caught my eye for its amazing art.I had high expectations for it. However, the mc is just unlikable. Thought I can be able to like her by proceeding to next chapters but its just not working.Morales are low for a normal human being. Might've been made for comedy. Imagine causing a ruckus raping an emperor then blaming the emperor for executing her father. It would've been fine right? cause shes a girl. Imagine if genders would reverse then everyone would straight up rage.
This is comedy. If you came for anything else, this is not it. The art style is great and it looks really good. But there's no plot to speak of. It's pure comedy.
this is horrible, the mc is horrible, the designs of the enemy generals in the first chapter is much more badass than the main characters- they look so boring and honestly just bland compared to the former
It’s so frustrating reading this!!! I just want them to be together!!!!
Y'all nibbas need to go back to cookie-cutter romance manhwas for your blushing demure flower fetish =3=
Wouldve been better if the Heroine isnt so Shameless, and Unlikeable.
I tried so hard to like this. But the heroine is just so damn unlikeable.
She is a beauty, strong badass female, but a bucin BUCIN at one
Damn just look at that bald scar-faced general, he looks so badass, and then there's the emperor *sigh*. The cannon fodder villains have better designs than the main cast is all I can say.

I really love the designs for the bad guys. The assassins, the generals, even the soldiers look so much cooler.

@LaCondesa It's coz the authors have rape fetish.
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Too much for me... why do chinese stories have so much rape as a plot thing? :P
Best intro to a manga I've ever seen, hilarious. I'm looking forward to reading more.
heu okay my real thoughts after this was low hahahahahahaha my expectation first so high but lol this manhua is so overrated imo, well, aside of the super godess artwork, the story were slow as heck, need to wait and find out until nonsense 15 chapters what mc's face was. ah... so annoying tbh lol,like i get it the mc tbh funny but the author made it like haaaa, this plot's whole joke. but thank you for all staff who translates this,keep a good work (don't mind me but i dropped this after ch. 16 lmao i don't want to read this nonsense manhua, screw that friends who recommend me this one ?)
I hope her Honey Boo came ??
@Solipsist Everyone is there to suck on the MC's self-centered cock? Sounds just about right. Throw in some cultivation as well.
@Solipsist Sometimes I wonder if it's just the Chinese mindset, like we're peering into the psychology of their society based on the popularity of their fiction in contrast to the fiction of other countries such as Korea and Japan.
It never ceases to amaze me how when someone takes the usual wuxia setting, but reverses the genders -- nothing about their roles change. When people "reverse genders" in fiction, it's usually to portray a different perspective, but nothing has changed. The protagonist is still a self-centered, self-serving psychopath, and everyone else in the cast exists to lick their groins or antagonize them.
10/10 masterpiece!
This is a parody of Wuxia genre along with a mix of controversial thing that some Wuxia stories may have by reversing the role of the MC (a heroine). the humor is pretty good when you stop considering this a serious story.
This gag story about super cheat yandere heroine and herbivor emperor, lol
If you are looking for a serious action manga this is not it chief.