Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life ~Daini no Shokugyou wo Ete, Sekai Saikyou ni Narimashita~
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  • La vie d'un sage réincarné dans un autre monde : Obtenir une seconde profession et devenir le plus fort de ce monde
  • Life as a Reincarnated Sage in Another World ~Gaining a Second Profession and Becoming the Strongest in the World~
  • Tensei Kenja no Isekai Life
  • Жизнь перерождённого мудреца в другом мире. Получение второй профессии и становление сильнейшим
  • 転生賢者の異世界ライフ~第二の職業を得て、世界最強になりました~
  • 전생현자의 이세계 라이프 ~제2의 직업을 얻어 세계최강이 되었습니다~
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Sano Yuji, a black company employee, is summoned to another world while finishing his work at home. His profession in the other world, a Monster Tamer, is considered a job that makes it difficult to become an adventurer. However, thanks to some slimes he met, which read several magical books, he gained magical powers and the second profession, Sage.
Yuji acquired overwhelming power, but is he conscious of his strength? Blindly becoming unparalleled and strongest in the world!

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Boring as hell. The slimes are the only good thing in this manga.
waiting for another update..
Not bad, the mc isn't a generic one so he's fun and the slimes are jsut adorable
That slime's face on the cover tho 😂 Pure ecstasy... I feel you man. I would too if I were you.

Just to clarify my last post, I agree that "just a guy who thinks too much and wanders about barely planning shit" works with a "perma pokerface"
perma pokerface mc

Since it's done on purpose I quite like it, a lot (if not all) of humor is derived from his oblivious straight man act.

Feels to me like the MC's personality flies over the head of some people, his deadpan delivery when saying or doing outrageous things without a hint of sarcasm is great. The fact that we've only once seen him express any kind of emotion, and it being when eating a really amazing meal was quality satirization of the usual isekai food scenes.

I guess it can be misconstrued as poor writing but after I've kept reading there's no doubt in my mind that it's done intentionally. Even the first chapter says it all, he just casually starts looking for a rope to make a noose as if it's the most natural thing in the world.
surprisingly likable series

complete garbage plot and a perma pokerface mc

he's not cocky or wants to be #1 pvper or some haremlord, just a guy who thinks too much and wanders about barely planning shit.

art is boring but very neat and clean, so quite readable

slimes and a coward wolf that looks like a proud wolf are hilarious companions

the lack of some designated dutch-wife waifu character who instantly falls for his dick and blah blah braindead blah worship blah is a very big plus tho she's on the cover so she'll prob be around within 15 chapters.
Wait wait, are you telling me all this time people saw the Proud Wolf as some kind of a Demonic Beast, instead of Scooby Doo?!?!?

Mind = Blown
😊Thank you so much for the new translated chapter, Prophet Release~ 😍
Thank you prophet for your release
The design of the proud wolf.....uegh🤢🤢🤢
This extremely garbage
reasons why:

1. story constantly repeats itself (go to town->fix problem -> go to different town)
2. MC is extremely bland shows no emition other than liking food.
3. MC is too strong so threats are rather meaningless

I like slimes though they are cute/funny.
Why didn't he just tame that mythical class dragon? Instead of the wolf, it would be much easier to travel and he would become stronger🤦‍♂️, he could turn it invisible if he didn't wanna stand out to🤷‍♂️
You guys need to chill. Thanks for working on it, Prophet people.

I know he's like overly strong and shit, but i like the analytical aspect and slowness of it.
It's alive!!!
Lucky slime.
Anyone ever going to pick this up :( Surprised it was dropped since it was so popular
Please, can someone pick this up? 3 monts already passed...
Is there no group wanting to pick this? Raws are on chapter 21 already :(
I miss this one! love the surprised faces. especially the hair twirling guild test guy