Sore wa Marude Amagasa no You ni
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  • それはまるで雨傘のように
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Cheering on her friend's crush, using abusive language towards the homeroom teacher. Yayoi's fun school life changes greatly after one incident. The one who saved Yayoi, who was deeply hurt was her homeroom teacher, Tsuzuki-sensei. The forbidden love between a teacher and a lonely high school girl!

Sana et Keiko sont les meilleures amies du monde. Alors que Keiko devait rejoindre Sana pour préparer un gâteau,pour fêter son premier mois avec son petit ami, elle le surprend en train d'embrasser une fille dont elle ne voit pas le visage. Le lendemain quand Sana arrive à l'école, ignorante de tout cela, elle se retrouve accusée d'avoir fait des avances au petit ami de sa meilleure amie et est traitée comme une pestiférée...trouvera-t-elle une main secourable...?

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    what happen.. why they delete the chapter?
    Please update eng translations. Chibi manga, you guys rock!!!

    When you're young, everything bad that happens can seem like the end of the world, so something that shouldn't break a friendship often does.

    I actually remember in my last year of high school there were a group of friends who, at the beginning of the year were close, but by the end of the year they were all not only separated but they all would glare and ignore each other in the hallways. I was friends with everyone in the group but was (somehow) able to avoid the drama without being involved. (I think because I was quite immature and dense back then so that's what saved me imo) (I'm still kinda dense lol)

    I didn't really think about it too much at the time but I understand now what you mean.

    So yeah, I think your example really proves that what happened to Sana is a very real thing. Thank you for sharing your experience.
    @ItsDrWhomever I'm talking this based on experience.

    Back when I was in third year highschool there waa this group in class who are friend since last year. (1 year of Friendship) on the 3rd semester. There friendship crumble apart because of one guy whom they both liked.

    It baffles me how shallow their friendship is. The next year, on my last year of highschool I've seen them ignoring each other.

    So yes, I do think this is possible.

    I wouldn't really know about childhood friendships but what I do know is Keiko and Sana are both still really young so their emotional states aren't that stable. Yes, 1 year of friendship isn't the strongest thing but you gotta look at it from these kids' point of view. When you're that young, you feel like your friends are going to be with you forever, even if it's not true.

    Perhaps Keiko felt she needed to take the boyfriend's side or else she'd have to break up with him and be lonely. Young girls are fragile af.

    What I meant by my comment was that I was just surprised at how quickly Keiko turned on Sana.
    Although there was the whole night before where that Madoka and the boyfriend could have been convincing Keiko of Sana's guilt, those two were taking advantage of Keiko's shock and confusion to blame Sana, so that would have been hard to counter.
    chibi manga's pacing is amazing, everyday releasing a new title that they'll uptdate once per year. Why dont just stop picking new projects if you cant handle the 600 you already have?
    @ItsDrWhomever If you think in real life 1 year friendship is nothing. Even a childhood friendship can crumble apart.
    That betrayal tho... Happened so fast.
    Wow, finally after a year it got an update! Just because it's been forever I reread the first chapter as well as the second.

    I'm not a fan of romance between someone young and someone old unless they're both adults. From context, it seems like Sana is in her second year of high school so teacher is treading some dangerous ground imo.

    But seriously, after 1 year of friendship, it sure came crumbling down quickly. How could Keiko just believe that Madoka chick so fast? I guess since the boyfriend also lied it might have been hard to see Sana's side but she didn't even try to listen to Sana.

    I'm more interested in how Sana will solve this issue than the romance tbh, I hope this continues to be translated!
    @BCS That thing (the FMC's friend's crush) is not the MMC.
    Please update this manga its really good !!!
    I think it's great, I hope it gets continued.
    The art is beautiful tho..
    Well, this is an adaption from novel, let's see where the story goes..
    lol these characters are rarted
    what...? O_o
    It's rare for a shoujo to have trash MMC