Bouken-ka ni Narou! ~Skill Board de Dungeon Kouryaku~
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  • Become an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skillboard~
  • Bouken-ka ni Narou!
  • Bouken-ka ni Narou! ~ Sukiruboodo de Danjon Kouryaku ~
  • Boukenka ni Narou! ~Skill Board de Dungeon Kouryaku~
  • Let's Be an Adventurer! ~Defeating Dungeons with a Skill Board~
  • Стать авантюристом! ~ Как пройти подземелье с помощью панели навыков ~
  • 冒険家になろう! ~スキルボードでダンジョン攻略~
  • 모험가가 되자! ~스킬보드로 던전 공략~
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Karaboshi Haruki has no presence as far as can be recognized, and so he became an adventurer with only the desire to "stand out." One day, a dungeon appeared under his home in Hokkaido. Coincidentally, he picked up a "Skill Board" with which he can spend skill points to increase his growth rate. Is it possible to become a popular person by obsessively diving into your home dungeon everyday?

Based on the popular fantasy Light Novel: "Become an Adventurer," winner of the 6th Net Novel Grand Prize.

Russian / Русский
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@Legend13 Now, if someone can pick up the Only Sense Online Light Novels. The magna just isn't as good.

Still it's awesome what stuff is getting English releases these days Seven Seas is pretty good at getting ones I'm enjoying.
@LordCBoD I’m hoping they continue translating the series as well. I’m definitely pre-ordering the physical version when they start announcing pre-orders. 👍🏻
@Legend13 That is awesome. I hope it doesn't stop getting translated though. I'll definitely pick it up, but I also hate waiting.
when chapter 21 coming out
What is this MC problem? Holy shit, this is so dumb. Dropped and I'm never looking back.
The series just got licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment! 🙌 Here’s the link for you guy’s.
Good manga, but like everyone else mentions you sort of just have to ignore the fact that the moral compass in this story seems to be all out of wack. If you can get passed some of the weirder storybeats, its definitely one of the better reverse isekai manga.

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So anyways apart from morals and shit this is pretty good.

(Btw mc is a psychopath you could see from the first chapters bc he is having fun murdering monsters with his life on the line. Basically war is a drug but in this case fighting monsters is a drug.)

Pretty good piece overall. But the thing is the character development is so fucking good. At first he was pretty average but he doesn’t get super op and slowly levels up. The best part is his mental journey at the start we see him being normal but as the story goes on and on we can see him losing his common sense and becoming a nut case.
i need to blacklist this or something it got me twice
i was like oh looks pretty good clicked on it and noticed its the one that i read on another website
I'm more concerned about the people that can easily just let someone die regardless of their background
granted what those 3 did(and tried to do) was heinous but MC is still human, what psychopath can just turn a blind eye towards somebody else dying?
Everybody loves to think that they have the capacity to kill(or in this case let someone die) but when push comes to shove only those that are mentally disturbed will actually do it

@LordCBoD I think Karen was mostly upset that she let MC carry the burden of the death of those 3, since inherently it was their miscalculations that led to the situation
@dnoj, there is a difference between forgiving someone for something heinous and wanting them to see proper justice. We are never shown or told he forgave them for their crap. All we are shown is he wanted them survive the monster attack. As soon as they'd left the dungeon they'd be arrested, they'd get what was coming to them from human authorities. Or do you think the human authorities are as dumb as the MC?

Again, it makes no sense to me that Karen wanted them to live, not considering what they did to her, but the MC wanted them to survive the monsters to face proper justice isn't as demented as you make it seems. The fact that you think the worst of the MC and those that defend the story is disgusting, it's a work of fiction, different principles apply that those of real life.
Unfortunately, ruined by Chapter 16. Murderer-rapists don't deserve any compassion.

And if you're trying to defend the MC with anything other than "he's mentally retarded" or "he's a fucking psychopath," then I would honestly be disgusted by you.

Is trying to save villains a staple? Yes, but that doesn't excuse this manga in anyway. Villain redemptions are much more nuanced than whatever this shit show is. Proper villain redemptions are usually done by a sympathetic antagonist. They work because we sympathise with the villain character once they've been understood.

So if you're trying to defend the MC for trying to save the three scumbags here, you'd be sympathizing with murderers and rapists.

Hence, I find you (and this manga) disgusting.
It's japanese manga, what do you expect?

Rape, slavery, murder, that's just small thing and easily forgiven, those guys are human to you know.

Late for work though, that deserve capital punishment.

First, hero's giving villains a second chance based on flimsy excuse is normal in manga.

Second, the MC didn't buy the we're joking. Instead he changes focus to what they did to him. Which I agree was dumb, but it's not like we didn't already know he cares too much about his blog. Still we're never shown he forgave them, just that he wanted to save them from the monsters.

Again it's something heroes in manga do. They save the bad guy from something so that they face justice. Yes it's a tired trope, yes it's ridiculous that even Karen wanted to save them, but it's over. It was a bad bit of story and now the story is moving on. One dumb bit that's done and over with doesn't ruin a story. If you want to stop reading that's fine, but it's sad that this bit is still being harped on three chapters later.
@LordCBoD it's not that he tryed to save them, it's that he stupidly forgive them with just a couple words, that's what people is mad about
When one of them said it was an accident, he fuckig believed him, that's what people is mad about
Oh hell yes! Thank you for the holiday gift Tritinia Scans!
I'm really surprised there are still comments about him trying to save the criminals. Those chapters have passed, the story has moved on.

Seriously, it's a staple of manga for hero's to save the villains, yes it's annoying, but it's fairly common. Goku give Senzu beans to people who plan to kill people, Luffy has saved enemy pirates, it's just something hero's in manga do. Why be so focused on it.
Lmao he even has a small presence on the cover
Him saving the murderer rapists just made me wanna drop the whole series, like come on man, they tried to rape and murder your close friend and your fucking SAVING them??. what a fucking disappointment
Rapists and murders with no signs of remorse don't deserve saving.

Now what's even more concerning is the MC. Pretty sure he's a psychopath or mentally damaged.
>tries hard to save people who clearly wants to rape and murder with no hesitation or remorse.
>strong shock towards being ignored rather than his friend nearly murdered/rape moments before
>expresses heavy regret upon failing to save them, then very elated for leveling up that very night, with no trace of regret left.
We're actually watching a psychopath MC right now. That or the author knows some readers will eat it up no matter how shit they make their stories so they don't even try.