Hero and Shero
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French : Chen Mo, est une femme d'affaire, à la réputation froide et sans coeur. Elle déteste les surprises. Mais elle a un secret bien gardé...quand un homme surgit littéralement d'un arbre, sa vie s'en trouve bouleversée.

You need to know one thing about Mia Chen: she hates surprises. New foods, new people, dates…she has a single priority in life: her work as a director for a top fashion magazine. And keeping her superpowers under wraps, that too. When a handsome but half-dead man emerges from a magical portal and witnesses her powers, she has no choice but to help him recover. When her magazine sales begin rapidly declining, she has no choice but to use him as their top model?! The biggest surprise in Mia’s life? True love.
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this series is really cool. And heroine is badass.
is this from china or korea need to know to prepare my soul
Why is the summary only in French? Is the English summary being worked on?

Either way, English translate through google translate is this:

Chen Mo is a businesswoman with a cold and heartless reputation. She hates surprises. But she has a well-kept secret ... when a man literally comes out of a tree, his life is turned upside down.
I put the link to the raws ^^ @ shrekky ?
does anyone know what the chinese name for this webcomic is? or can proide me with the link to the raw?