Not a Sugar Daddy
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  • 원조교제 아닌데요?
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Jungwoo gets misunderstood because he looks older than his age while Youngmin looks like a highschooler despite being a university student. A love story with plenty of troubles between two complete opposites!

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it has the genre tag in yellow highlight saying *sexual violence* but ppl still coming and blaming the author after half reading... You guys cruel for throwing such a low rate.. @DayLo have a point here, It's true that the story become unplesant and unbearable at some point, but im telling you, the development were good. If you can't stand the story, at least apreciate the art. The cute artstyle, chars design, or the color pattle are the artist's hardworks. Don't call all of these are a trap or somewhat.
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Damn i hate the fvkcking professor. He makes my blood boil like hell.
I really hate people having prejudice to others with same sex lovers. I mean please let these lovely boys love each other in peace! This world is just too harsh. 😬😬
I made it up to the current chapter (43) and it does get better as far as fluffiness. Yes there was some dog blood drama and a non-con sex scene, so if you cannot take that kind of drama, then don’t read it or skip that part (there are warnings at the beginning of the chapters that have those scenes). Otherwise, I have been enjoying it once we got past that. If all you want is fluff and no drama, then you won’t like this comic. Without giving spoilers away, I enjoy some angst and drama. The characters are slowly showing growth and that’s a good thing.
i dropped this because i can’t stand the plot progression. it’s a freaking dumpster fire so far.
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>>>>>>This story started with fluffyness and then a lot of things went wrong like WRONGGGGGG....they are both irresponsible and if you look closely their relationship is toxic asf. I can feel the tragedy shit in this...

Not recommended to be read after you wake up.(This will make your blood boil)
he is so irresposible like wtf what's wrong with him do people like that exist 😑 it's hard to like a good for nothing idiot i wonder why the author made him the stupid kinda rich ,i mean even if he is a good lover this kinda of care-free idiot is hard to like he has no hobies no intrest outside of his hyung basicly no personality to fall in love with now imagine if he was not rich his apeal will go from 1 to 0 his not charismatic he gets guidance from his family all the time yet he doesn't learn he also emotionaly manipulated his dad to do what he wants . at this points with all the red flags i don't see why i should like him or route for his as a main charachter cause he got no charchter what's so ever
Can't believe that bitch didnt think she did anything wrong, fuck off
I regret not reading the comments first before reading this. It started cute but went wrong so fast sorry but this is not my cup of tea. If anyone is searching for cute fluffy and healthy light read (like me) then this is not the place to be...but if not then go ahead lol
This started super nice but... I really didn't like the unnecessary r T_T

I hope they just have a great time together from now on and no more of... That
a difficult story to read... there is rape/gaslighting and a lot of bullying (not from the love interest). if you're looking for pure fluff and less stress, read something else
I came here to pout about their shitty classmates and now I'm just glad I read the comments.
Be carefull with that webtoon !!

Began really well (very cute art style) and then "R" ???? It just went wrong so fast and unexpectedly and after that the MC being completely stupid just angered me more so it really just ruined my day and surely my next week. Thanks. I'm basically just saying the same as the others.

Oh, well, guess I can mark this as droped then, I can handle "R" between the MCs for the sake of dumb drama plot (Dunno whats whit the R fetish in Yaoi mangas), but if its whit an outside party then I am out of here, specially if both MCs are already together (are they at that point ?)
the description, title, and art style really gave off a romcom vibe but they gave me one heck of a rollercoaster ride. i shouldve looked at the genre tags (not that i hate drama but it really caught me off guard)
@I_I_Hope_I_I it's with one character only
@Thrembs Mind giving me more info, like, is the R between the main pair or is it whit only one of them, really wanna know before I pick this up.
Thanks for the translation !
I find their relationship very endearing, wish it stayed lighthearted now
Trigger Warning!!!

If this gets buried, could someone else make sure there's a warning at the top?