Thirty Years Old Chinese (Simp)
Alt name(s):
  • 30 sui nanzi wuyu
  • 30岁男子物语
  • 30歲男子物語
  • A 30-year-old man's story
  • 7.49
  • 7.04
  • 27
Pub. status:
  • 14,357
  • 391
  • 16
Wei QiuYu, who just entered his 30s, has fine features and a successful career, but he is still single? You may have already guessed the reason...

In a forced blind date, the brother who attended in his sister's place turns out to also bat for the same team? This marks the beginning of an ill-fated attraction! The cheerful puppy wolf pursues the difficult general manager. Faced with the pressure of marriage from his parents, will QiuYu be able to drop his facade and come together with his mutual love?
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Hoping this can be interesting.
I'm not sure why but when I try to read this on my computer the resolution is really bad...