My Girlfriend Is a Real Man
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  • My Girlfriend Is a Manly Man
  • Nae Yeojachinguneun Sangnamja
  • 내 여자친구는 상남자
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"One day, my girlfriend suddenly transformed into a man?!"
A fantasy-romantic comedy about a guy whose girlfriend turned into a boy and the messy antics that follow suit.
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Nnnn even though I did come for the shounen Ai tag, I didn’t really mind some normal romance either but the main dude pisses me off ngl. He keeps talking about “oh no my girlfriend is a dude” while neglecting his probably very confused and somewhat scared girlfriend..
Wow, why do people dislike such a wonderful comedy ??
It is romantic indeed since they're girlfriend and boyfriend but y'all are the ones in the wrong since you want someone who's obviously straight and be gay just for your own sake, you say it's homophobic yet y'all are the ones being heterophobic, it's a shonen-AI which mean the guys are handsome and they're in a relationship and that's true, it's not a yaoi of course they won't change their preferences to suit your taste, so what when she'll return to being a girl he'll just leave her since it's yaoi now? That's so messed up and you don't even realize it, this is supposed to be a comedy and nothing was wrong with it, just cause they're not f*cking since he's not gay and y'all are saying it's homophobic? Then how about the straight guys always turning gay isn't that heterophobic? Ah but of course if it was the other way around they'll be an uproar lmao, just enjoy the comedy and the romance, how would you react if your partner changed genders ? He's already really great since he stayed with her, most would've just left so that's a really good point, also this doesn't apply to people who like any gender or anyone or anything.
Anyway, thanks for the translation people, we appreciate the hard work, at least I do, keep up with the good work and that redrawing is amazing lmao !
I got tired reading this after they introduced the sister. it seems like this shouldn't really be tagged with shounen-ai. also the chapters are too short. I found myself skipping through it more and more. the romance is almost non-existing. close to being homophobic at times which leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.
@LaDeeDah In addition shounen Ai and Yaoi are rather specific genres. The former is a form of lightly homoerotic work aimed towards young women (the manga that gave the genre its name were published in shoujo magazines after all). Yaoi meanwhile was a reaction towards the rather pure shounen Ai, where horny fans would make their own works with men fucking hardcore. The name itself comes from that, basically meaning "no climax, no point, no meaning" IE "This is porn yo".

To contrast there's "My brother's husband", which involves a lot of explicitly gay men and women, though primarily men due to the author, and gosh is it a different world.

All in all my point is that just because a manga involves a same-sex relationship between men it isn't necessarily yaoi or shounen Ai (most manga that are aimed towards gay men for example aren't I believe). Yuri meanwhile is a much broader term, which is why there's a fuckton of confusion I believe.

All in all, it's all very weird.

As an aside, I'd say that this manga might be the closest to shounen Ai, not because the characters are gay but rather because the author wants to draw cute pics of boys. I'll leave it at that though since I've already ranted enough haha.

So basically it's better to just go read Kanojo ni Naru Hi or something else like it instead? I have to say I'm disappointed since I was hoping this webtoon would be different, but seems like it's the same old uninteresting "joke" :/.
poor jieun
I checked this out when it first popped up on Mangadex because I liked the author, it looked pretty cringey based on the first few chapters so I dropped it like a hot potato. It came up again recently and I noticed it had a shounen ai tag now and thought maybe it had gone in a different direction than I had expected... nope, the main theme seems to just be "no homo." Pretty funny that someone homo/trans-phobic jumped into the comments and complained about gays showing up in their feed, when this seems like it would be right up their alley.

I'm not saying the guy shouldn't be upset or that it's wrong to be straight. I'm just really not sure where the plot of this series is going or what the author intended by writing it other than just to make "they're a straight couple but they're BOTH DUDES isn't that hilarious" jokes. I don't get it. Korea has actually been making some real progress in the last couple years in terms of both LGBT legal rights and awareness so this seems almost intentionally ignorant.

I'm especially bummed because I read Untouchable on the english version of Naver Webtoon (which is brimming with LGBT+ content) a while back and enjoyed it. I'm disappointed that the author made something like this.
I haven't read this yet. but I doubt I'll be disappointed
sorry im so slow guys i keep forgetting this is a thing
A round about way to turn the characters gay, but its hilarious and I love it
Is this yaoi with extra steps?
This is soooo gooood, i love it. Thank you translators team for sharing this manhwa 😚
i agree this is neither shounen ai or yaoi get a grip
Y'all are crazy, this barely counts as shounen ai, much less yaoi. MC is aggressively straight. It's clear this is going to end with either the girlfriend turning back to a girl, or staying as a guy but male MC turns into a girl.

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I always see this but reversed (a guy turned into a girl) so this is at the very least surprising.

@ThatOneJester changing the title ruins the points and makes it sounds super stupid, like my water is super wet ...But best advice is just to ignore things you don't like
i like how he's actually getting to know her more compared to when she was a girl LOL
So if the girlfriend became a man, this needs either a Yaoi, or Shounen Ai tag.
Also The title would be my "Boyfriend" is a real man.
She is a he now, that guy should get over it.
I have Yaoi and Shounen Ai blocked from appearing, which is the only reason I'm here posting anything.
No tag means a person negative about the genre will show up, like me.
Somebody add it.
Already reported this for not using proper tags.
Thank you for the translation

Also dang i love jieun for being so damn understanding and mature
This just sounds like being gay with extra steps.
I like it so far, the comedy is good, but I hope there is some more development. As others said, it would be nice to hear about how Jieun feels about all this