Renai Kinshi Gakuen
Alt name(s):
  • Love Ban School
  • 恋愛禁止学園
  • 6.12
  • 5.29
  • 126
Pub. status:
  • 76,074
  • 2,655
  • 11
At a prestigious school where love is banned, an ordinary boy discovers the student council President's secret.

[Serialized in Comic Cune]

This is not a yuri manga, but there are characters and scenes that appear in the series to have yuri elements.
Reading progress:
  • Volume 0/2
  • Chapter 0/14

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Banning dating because it may interfere in their studies? I could except that. But banning love because strawman reason? Cheap plot for a cheap series
First thing that came to mind . who really has the time to snitch on a relationship. unless they just don't like that person
It’s not yuri because she’s Bi.
Main female heroine is a lesbian, protagonist likes her but is too weak willed to give up on her after finding out.
Narratively, I think it's trying to do something with sexually repressed people letting loose in the student council clubroom.

I don't think there's any danger to the yuri tag to be completely honest. The people who like that content should read this, the heroine clearly jives with them.
This isn't like Love Lab where it's just friendship. Those two have definitely taken their relationship far. They deep kiss in chapter 1 and it's hinted that they've already had sex considering how frank the pres is about it.

When it's hinted at the the protag and her can be in a physical relationship
The main female heroine even says, "That's not going to happen. You're the only one for me Ai-chan. My relationship with him isn't like that. It's just to keep his mouth shut."

Each chapter is very short though so everyone's characterization is pretty simple and just winds up seeming bad. Especially the protag, he seems relatively hesitant about the whole situation but doesn't remove himself from it. It's like he's being dragged along for the plot's sake.


Even if it winds up having harem elements it'll still have enough yuri elements to warrant the tag imho.
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"This is not a yuri manga" but it is NTR ?
@NovaXII The series is not based off a hentai, it's just that the artist did hentai before this series.
What a shit manga:

Two chapters in and the entire premise has to rely on the characters being stupid. Too bad because the art is actually good.
@Dragonsinx wait is this series based off hentai?
So this story is about he going to straight them all?
I already dislike the main girl. It's not even the yuri, but the total lack of moral conviction and the total disregard for her position. I'd have ratted her out right there, harem be damned.
@NovaXII cuz 2women+1man=threesome/harem
yurifans are gonna be offended.
and considering the fact that the manga is in the male MC point of view.
P.S. im a haremfan idk their kinks lol
He/Her Works
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Why not put shoujo-ai? seems more appropriate than yuri
idc if it has a little bit of yuri a little plot twist isnt gonna hurt haremway seinenway its gonna end that way anyway.
If appeal to empathy doesn't work let's just stick with what was actually the most important part of the argument: containing female secondary characters kissing does not necessarily put it in the "yuri" genre.
are people lowering the score of this just cause first chapter had a bit of yuri?
So let's put one thing in the clear: when you treat kronix like a mentally sound person and pay attention to him, the joke's on you. No excuses, no buts and ifs.

Perhaps a little offended.

...and why, pray tell, yurifags deserve to have some preferential treatment? Last time i checked they had whole site dedicated exclusively to their kink. People there are extremely vigilant, to the point that they are willing to sacrifice significant amounts of their time to dissect every single line implying "het", no matter how trivial it sounds.
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The main problem with this argument is that these are not just tags but indications of genre. If this were tagged as the yuri genre and someone came in expecting that it was about girls forming relationships with one another and found out it was just a story about a bunch of girls eventually being converted into wanting the D, they'd be... fairly disappointed, I'd imagine. Perhaps a little offended.
@MrIncognito @Elbow

We usually find manga to read based on tags, if you know there is something you dont like you usually avoid it right? That's why you're allowed to search through tags and even exclude the ones you dont fancy.

Even if by a miracle all the girls end up wanting that MC dick it doesnt change the fact that this manga has and will continue to have alot of yuri. Now there might be girls and guys that fancy that sort of stuff but I am not like that (BL/Yuri, etc.) I can handle the one yuri girl in most harem(s) that end up falling for the MC but usually in those mangas the girl is too chicken shit to do anything with the other girls.

Anyways Its only right to leave the yuri tag in this manga, you wouldn't wanna see the manga you read being played with the tags now would you? It helps the people that find that sort of thing interesting and those that dont.
its in comic cune, has some shoujo ai stuff
@kronix Why wouldn't you wanna fight about which tags go on one of the 23.000 series on a manga browsing site?

My ancestors are smiling at me, pacifist. Can you say the same?