Kemono Michi
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  • Animal Road Rise Up!
  • Animal Trail
  • Different world pet shop life begins!
  • Kemono Michi (AKATSUKI Natsume)
  • Дорога зверя
  • けものみち
  • 兽道
  • 7.47
  • 7.42
  • 1,012
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  • 928,129
  • 21,601
  • 56
Pro-wrestler Shibata Genzo who's maniac pet animals suddenly was summoned to a different world. Genzo was asked by the princess to get rid of the evil beasts called monsters roaming in this world. Outraged that he was asked to kill monsters, he german suplexed the princess. Unable to get back to earth, he decided to live a slow peaceful life in this world. This is a story about an eccentric Japanese man who was a former pro wrestler and manages a "Monster Pet" shop.

From the same author of Konosuba and Combatants Will Be Dispatched!

The volume and magazine chapters use different numbering schemes as they combine some magazine chapters into one volume chapter.
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Well seems like we were missing a whole chapter
This is a pretty good story. The only problem I had was that the more I read it the more I hated the male MC. I can't tell if he just gets more exaggerated along the way or not. It does get very old with him and the only joke becomes everyone acknowledging around him how crazy he is.
It feels like we are missing a whole chapter
Holy shiet? It was such a fucking riot!! I love it!
What the fuck even is going on I fucking love it loooooool
it says its from the same author of konosuba so why not
HentaiSoulja yeah bc of that,i cannot read mangas properly,well example is fate stay night 2006,the comments say it sucked but i liked the anime,that's why you are the one reading it,not them,dont let them control your desire to read,do what you want and read it for yourself and enjoy it
@HentaiSoulja Practice what you preach, lol. It's quite the irony you come and call the comments section awful, full of hypocrisy and redundant questions, and later consider it laughable that they bother reading something they know they won't like. The later being exactly what you're doing with the comments section.
The Carmilla covers really are the best.
understandable reasoning
Place my bet, the ant is probably the demon lord
@Avenger88id she has big boobs
So.....he's a furry? How df are normal ppl supposed to relate to that? Also this is cringe af.
Does carmilla popular in japan or something? Why does she appear in the cover a lot?
Well if you like crazy MCs and seeing pretty girls getting seriously hurt by a german suplex, choke hold or any extravagant wrestle technic then this manga is for you! 🤣
Japanese really love using German Suplex in their manga and anime xD
"Outraged that he was asked to kill monsters, he german suplexed the princess" omg i cant 😂 help me. Was just scrolling through newly updated manga and found this gold. I guess I'll try reading this one.
@*@ why are they so disorganized I cant tell whats the chronological order
Is this basically a fetish manga about a furry/zoophile? I'm on Volume 3 and the protagonist really gives off the furry vibes.
uwaa, so that kraken gidorah is demon king or what? it's become more exiting :3