Ossan (36) Ga Idol Ni Naru Hanashi
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  • Ossan Idol
  • オッサン(36)がアイドルになる話
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Ōsaki Miroku, age 36, height 190cm and weight 120kg… He was bullied as a child. Soon after he became a member of society, he was laid off from his job. In despair, he was a hikikomori for almost 10 years, but after getting addicted to online video sites by chance, he left that lifestyle. Going to the gym and the karaoke by himself, he transformed into an extremely hot and handsome ikemen, but wasn’t aware of it! He took the world by storm with the dance video he accidentally uploaded and bewitched the staff at model work he went for as a fill-in. Miroku, not knowing when to stop, soon caught the eye of a big-shot producer. Dragging in the Director(41) of the model’s office where he worked and a former host(40) who went to the same gym, the three Ossans somehow ended up debuting as idols!

The three middle-aged men, who met by chance, carve a new history in the world of showbiz!
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