Bai He (Lily)
Alt name(s):
  • Bai He
  • Lily
  • Лилия
  • 百合
  • 7.01
  • 6.38
  • 69
Pub. status:
  • 56,273
  • 1,276
  • 21
A girl whose beauty is like that of a goddess asks a guy to marry her. He says ask someone else, please don’t marry me.
Reading progress:
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It appears that the scanlation group lost interest in this extended nothing.
I'm reading the raws up at chapter 95 and so far, nothing relatively concrete between the mains have even transpired. There was maybe one scene out of the 90+ chapters that could be subtext but so far, it's much more action adventure than romance.

In fact, the author recently changed the name from Lily (Bai he) to The Swallow Sent from Heaven / The Heavenly Swallow (天命玄鳥 tian ming xuan niao), which fits its period adventure and poetry theme since it comes from Xuan Niao in the Sacrificial Odes Of Shang.
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They added that shoujo ai tag I see
Wait, why there no more tag on this one ?
So many words packed into one speech bubble.
All hail the True Dragon Barrier for it is JUSTICE!
This is the cookiest yuri story I've seen. Great characters and fun story. Can't wait for the next chapter.
A nice change of pace from the gazillionth "light-haired girl has to save insecure dark-haired girl from her horrible life" nonsense the Japanese keep cooking up.
As of chapter 10, this seems a lot like one of those old Charlie Chaplin era silent films with lots of stuff that's somewhere between "action" and "slapstick", and occasional handwaves in the direction of some kind of plot driving it. Which is fine if you like that kind of thing, but I came for yuri, so I'm out.
Seems kind of artificually filler at some parts. But I do like this, I just hope it doesn't take 5-Years for them to both realize their romance between each other.
Art is good but I dont like the "chinese" tramas
Nice art.