Isekai de Kojiin wo Hiraitakedo, nazeka Darehitori Sudatou to Shinai Ken
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  • I opened an orphanage in another world, but for some reason no one wants to leave.
  • Isekai de Kojiin wo Hiraita kedo, Naze ka Darehitori Sudatou to Shinai Ken
  • Isekaide Kojiin wo Hiraitakedo, Nazeka Darehitori Sudatou to Shinai Ken.
  • Как открыть приют в другом мире!
  • 異世界で孤児院を開いたけど、なぜか誰一人巣立とうとしない件
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Masatsugu was brought from another world in a hero summoning and ended up being part of the lowest possible caste. Awaiting this boy, who possess nothing but elementary skills, is managing an orphanage full of beautiful girls! But, his annoying days are just starting as he finds the building in ruins, and he also has to pay off the huge debt the former director left! And that’s not all, he has no time to rest from all the scumbags threatening the orphanage! Will Masatsugu and the orphans be able to protect their precious home?

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They really need to rework the rating system, loli manga is always full with people rating 10 or 1
I Quit!!!
@Levan072 Isekai Ojisan is a parody about isekai mangas tho....
And it baffles me how some people bash this manga beyond anything, yet they are still here at every update. .....slow facepalm
@Jzc136 There are multiple in fact. One of my favorites is Isekai Ojisan.
Imaging, the MC of an Isekai story quits being the summon hero and goes back to japan.
That would be a legendary ending for any isekai story!
@Levan072 : Quite so. There are no shortage of trash isekai series out there, so all else being the same, I'd rather stick with ones where the harem is adult or at least near-adult, rather than a bunch of pre-pubescent kids or pettankos.
@SotiCoto As the MC once said, "I quit."
Another kinda rubbish isekai with a pointless loli harem, stupid clothing, plot holes and a retarded protagonist (whose only redeeming feature is NOT being debilitatingly Japanese)... and this is only 20 pages in.

Have a 3/10 ...
@joel7686 First of all they are like max 10 years appart someone correct me I can't remember the MC and the loli harems age.
Sure it has no malice...yet, its all in good "taste" with cuteness and what not. But none the less.... they are his harem. That is beyond dispute.
Second the MC is just dead inside with no ambition towards anything realy....
Third even if they were on father daughter level, it would only make it far more sick with all the skimpy clothes and ecchi scenes and how the lolis are all over him.
So yeaaaah.... the tags say it all.
@Alex-dono-sama welcome to the club I guess.
it's all on the level father daughter, no malice @konzolmester
If you came here for the lolis:
Rips off arm
tHaT WaS pUrE LuCk!
Thank you for picking up the manga. Please keep up the good work.
@joel7686 Are you skipping chapters or something? This has plenty of ecchi scenes with lolis to boot!
what is ecchi about this manga? wrong tag
The goblin is used as proof that one give a damn about the orphanage.

Also, "baking soda" is an english word.... the equivalent to it in other languages doesn't necessary include the word "baking" in it!
Last edited 4 mo ago by Jzc136.
it seems the author want to escape the world, reality is harsh ain't they? This manga has nothing but trying to trigger libido for loli. It's like the author hate the world so much that everything is lowly trashes and only his own sanctuary is happy.
what kind of shitty orphanage has only 1 orphan?
why the fuck is there a munchkin goblin there for no reason?
why is "baking soda" called "baking soda" if people there don't use it for baking?

Who actually wrote this piece of garbage?
reading this increases the size of my already trash filled brain tumor.

only thing slightly decent is the mc, he acts slightly more logical/reasonable , but thats only because every single other character or thing in this story makes no sense at all.
@Jzc136 Well this looks like a job for the Goblin Slayer
S- Rank Goblins?!?
What the actual fuck??
It is easy going story. If you are expecting logic or realistic dialog you won't find it here.
But other than that, it is good story to pass time (better than most isekai mangas out here.)