Doushite Watashi ga Bijutsuka ni!? Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Doubiju
  • Why did I enter the art course!?
  • どうして私が美術科に!?
  • どうびじゅ
  • 7.99
  • 8.04
  • 54
Pub. status:
  • 45,330
  • 1,348
  • 14
When entering high school, the protagonist Sakai Momone applies to the art course by mistake. She has to study overtime to keep up. There she meets new friends and learns to appreciate art.

4-koma of the year 2017 (new publications)
Tsugi ni kuru manga 2018 (nomination)
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Real Comic Girltm

Thanks for the translations this is really cute.
3 kittens long.

So now we have official loli measurements unit.
I know, it's a lot like Comic Girls in that nobody pays attention to it when the manga is translated, then when it'll get an anime everyone's gonna be like "why did the manga stopped being translated".

Also the author of this manga actually drew some bonus comics for Comic Girls anime (there's 5 for each episode drawn by different mangaka):

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Based on the first chapter this series feels a lot like Comic Girls.
As a fellow translator, thanks for translating the dialects xD
I read many 4-komas and I still have no idea.
I really like it, but I don't really see why it's award-winning. But then again I don't read too many 4komas, so I can't really judge
Thanks for your explanation. It is good to see typesetting choices being made with this level of thought even if I may disagree with some of the particular choices, and I will rethink my stance on fonts due to what you've said.

Hi, I do the typesetting myself. The conventions I use are intended to preserve the original feel of the work. I try to center the text in bubbles, but since they're not perfectly elliptical and I'm doing this by eye, it might be slightly off, I'm not too bothered about that though. A lot of websites downscale the pages (and they're already downscaled compared to physical resolution of the book) so I'd rather not make fonts any smaller just to fit them in bubbles. I'm using the fonts similar to those used in the original manga. The "comic book-looking fonts" are not "more appropriate" because I'm translating a yonkoma, not a Western-style comic book. There are often roman letters used in the original text and they're written in a font similar to the one I'm using. As you noticed, honorifics are intentionally preceded by a hyphen for better line width balance (since they're often on a separate line) and to make this hyphen distinct from a line-wrap hyphen. Hope that explains some of the choices I made for this project.
To the typesetter: Please centre the text in the speech bubbles. Reduce the font size by up to 10-15 percent rather than putting a white outline on the text and having it overflow the speech bubbles. Replace the formal-looking sans serif fonts with more appropriate comic book-looking fonts. Hyphens belong at the end of a line, not the beginning of the next line (this rule tends to be broken for honorifics). It's perfectly acceptable to take your time getting it just right even if it takes a little longer to release.
@p106 : I like the manga a lot, but I like how much you are involved into the project much more. It's nice to see someone who isn't just releasing chapters like it's a job. It's like with the team translating Yuru Camp, you can feel the passion.

This is probably the one you were thinking of. Aizaki Utau graduated from high school a few month ago.

Cloba.U is a big fan of this manga and made a 60 page doujinshi called "桃色、黄色、とうめい、はいいろ" (preview here - there are big spoilers for the manga there though).

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Leaving a comment here to support the series and the translator!

Is this the story other Kirara mangakas really like reading as well? I heard a few months ago, a certain mangaka finished high school, and I was wondering if this is that story.

I also vaguely recall Cloba-U streaming on YouTube, making a non-SnM story, and if this was the basis of that story as well.
There's something about this manga that feels really refreshing.
@p106: I'm reading it still!
@p106 loving it so far! Typical CGDCT format but by no means a bad thing with the likeable characters!
Comment number actually decreased since I uploaded the latest chapter, damn... Anyone still reading this?

Fun fact of the day: this manga is drawn almost entirely with traditional tools (as in pen & paper). Even the panel frames are drawn by hand.
Wasn't me who removed them...

I guess they'll be back when relevant, then. Certainly sparked my interest.
Just stopping by. 3rd chapter soon! 4th might take some time. This series is pretty hard to translate with the characters speaking different dialects and all the puns...

How do you like the manga?

Best manga ever.

The tags no longer suggest otherwise.

Wasn't me who removed them...

I request someone to do a better typesetting, please.


Comic Girls feels here is real.

Fun fact, the author was like 15-16 year old when these chapters were first published.

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Thanks for the translations! ! This looks really cute so far. Comic Girls feels here is real.