Pumpkin Night Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • パンプキンナイト
6.97 176
Pub. status:
  • 83,940
  • 1,733
  • 29
A deformed female human goes out with a pumpkin on her head to kill all those who bullied her in the past after escaping from a mental hospital.

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Avatar Ouranos 11 days ago
Seriously .... ?

There is so much inconsistency in this manga ....

It's not horror or Psychological it is only gore .... Even the story doesn't make any sense >< This is the first time i had to stop reading of boredom ...
Avatar NegativeJoint 1 mo ago
Any new chapters coming out yet?
Avatar monkey123 2 mo ago
Naoko seems as almighty as the villain inhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hitcher_(2007_film)
Avatar Disrupted 2 mo ago
Kinda annoying how this site resizes images. gotta right click and load in another page each. About my only gripe with this website.
EDIT: well, the problem is not the resize per se, since there are other options, but when I try to select full image option display the site cuts the images instead of letting me scroll horizontally to see the rest. (also focus starts at center)
chapter 14 was annoying to read due to all doublepages.

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Avatar dewezord1990 2 mo ago
Avatar A-tan 2 mo ago
I get its a bloody and violent manga, but the lack of logic its such in the violence it ends up making you laugh (like breaking someone's nose so badly it looks like its just a hole, but the person still being able to breath even with their mouth covered, the psycho chick of a mc being so strong she can easily stab through solid bone like It's butter, but not a door, etc). The fetishistic aspects of it don't help (I mean to each their own but...), let alone the apparent reason all of this started...

Idk, I like revenge stories but this is kinda tacky, I guess. It's by all means not a series that is inviting it's readers to think, that's for sure.

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Avatar WeirdMonger 2 mo ago
They did it for fun, and now there's a body count.
Avatar apfpabo 2 mo ago
You need, at the very least, 150 IQ to truly appreciate such an exquisite manga as Cabbage After Hours
Avatar Denrick19 2 mo ago
@Dysisa HAH you think you can out cancer ME? YOU FOOL I'm the asshole that would rate things 1 just for laughs COME MY RATE 1 BOTS WE WILL FIGHT THIS WAR.

No joke I'm glad i know your faking it now i know when this get's a 7 it's not because people like you have bad taste but because you guys are assholes thank you so much so yeah not a good plan right? i'm not petty so i'm not going to get pissed you guys would rate something high just because "He has a opinion GET HIM" just going to let you know it's pathetic no offence of course.
Avatar Dysisa 2 mo ago
We actually all got together and decided to pretend to like this series and rate it highly purely out of spite for you.
Avatar Kisshouin 2 mo ago
what the fuck, pumpkin girl is legit af
Avatar Rize_Suzumiya 2 mo ago
It seems like a fun series. The 6 tilting on 7 rating is about accurate. It's nothing groundbreaking, but overall it's a nice little manga to pass the time and the chaos is pretty laughable.
Avatar Disrupted 2 mo ago
A series should be ranked by what its trying to achieve. I see a ridiculous slasher movie in manga form, if that was the goal it did it well.
The problem is that genre tags only go so far.
Avatar Ezloklap 2 mo ago
Loving this campy slasher homage
Avatar Denrick19 2 mo ago
I swear to god if this get's to 7 i'm no longer going to take mangadex rating serious i just don't see how you people enjoy this if your going to say "Why is this 6.5 it's good what's wrong with you?" read this thing again can someone just say why they like this? I just don't see how it's good at all as anything now matter what it is it's at most 6.50
Avatar Dysisa 2 mo ago
You saw a picture of a high school girl with a big kitchen knife and a distorted pumpkin mask as the cover, and you somehow expected this to be something ///moody///? What part of literally any of this made you ever think this would be anything other than a really stereotypical slasher?

Not sure the tags are the problem here...
Avatar Emperor_Late 2 mo ago
Page 11... it's just a prank bro.. why did i laugh
Avatar g_z 2 mo ago
@ jesusdeath14
I've noticed people vote bombing manga like that... they should just put a like/dislike ala Netflix 🤣
Avatar jesusdeath14 2 mo ago
6 stars? whats wrong with you people
Avatar Disrupted 2 mo ago
This needs an adaptation, live-action slasher movie with the songs included.