Pumpkin Night Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • パンプキンナイト
Author: Hokazono Masaya
Artist: Taniguchi Seima
Demographic: Seinen
Genres: Action Drama Horror Psychological Seinen Tragedy
Rating: 6.74 129
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 50,839
  • 1,351
  • 26
Description: A deformed female human goes out with a pumpkin on her head to kill all those who bullied her in the past after escaping from a mental hospital.

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Kisshouin 5 hours ago
what the fuck, pumpkin girl is legit af
Rize_Suzumiya 8 hours ago
It seems like a fun series. The 6 tilting on 7 rating is about accurate. It's nothing groundbreaking, but overall it's a nice little manga to pass the time and the chaos is pretty laughable.
Disrupted 9 hours ago
A series should be ranked by what its trying to achieve. I see a ridiculous slasher movie in manga form, if that was the goal it did it well.
The problem is that genre tags only go so far.
Ezloklap 9 hours ago
Loving this campy slasher homage
Denrick19 11 hours ago
I swear to god if this get's to 7 i'm no longer going to take mangadex rating serious i just don't see how you people enjoy this if your going to say "Why is this 6.5 it's good what's wrong with you?" read this thing again can someone just say why they like this? I just don't see how it's good at all as anything now matter what it is it's at most 6.50
Dysisa 21 hours ago
You saw a picture of a high school girl with a big kitchen knife and a distorted pumpkin mask as the cover, and you somehow expected this to be something ///moody///? What part of literally any of this made you ever think this would be anything other than a really stereotypical slasher?

Not sure the tags are the problem here...
Emperor_Late 2 days ago
Page 11... it's just a prank bro.. why did i laugh
g_z 3 days ago
@ jesusdeath14
I've noticed people vote bombing manga like that... they should just put a like/dislike ala Netflix 🤣
jesusdeath14 3 days ago
6 stars? whats wrong with you people
Disrupted 3 days ago
This needs an adaptation, live-action slasher movie with the songs included.
Rupopo 3 days ago
Mangadex needs a "Camp" tag, because the tags this manga has are misleading. I was expecting Junji Ito-tier moody teenager bait, and I got a goddamn slasher flick. This is just Slaughter High but with big anime titties. It's just south of needing a parody or comedy tag, but there's no actual comedy, and it does what it does sincerely.

Petition for a "Camp" tag!
Aratataoatatara 5 days ago
Actual love letter to 80's b-movies.
Landstryker 5 days ago
Wholesome 😊
hidayato 6 days ago
This need comedy tag 😉
zstrf03 8 days ago
I don't know why i like this series, Pls continue !
CptBst 8 days ago
Naoko must be the unholy bastard child of Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers and Carrie White.
DeathCards 8 days ago
It gets unrealistic at sometimes but for a slasher manga, this is good.
Denrick19 8 days ago
@Keke094 i love me some killing morph but i have not heard of any those i'll check them out
g_z 9 days ago
Live action and crappy Hollywood remake when?🤣
ProudNoob 9 days ago
"A deformed female human"
Jeez why can't they just say "a deformed girl"? it's not like she suddenly turned into frog that you need to be very specific about being "human"

Last edited 9 days ago.

Navi_1er 9 days ago
This is so fucking stupid, yet I can't stop reading and waiting for the next. Overall pretty decent.
Keke094 9 days ago
@Denrick19 honestly, i liked author written horror series like inugami, Freak island, and Killing Morph you can't guess what something shitt gona be happen afterwards...
Denrick19 10 days ago
I feel bad for the artist he got stuck with a shit writer like my god it's the not worst but it's still bad But it's bad enough for me to hate it but not bad enough for me to just stop reading it it's the worse kind of awful.
homuhomu 10 days ago
Hahaha wow, what's up with this backstory
VoidR 10 days ago
@Tray i agree that its very well done, but i just think some people are over reacting. There's a lot worse out there that have a better impact due to also having gripping story's that add meaning behind the horror. Haven't read any of these in a while but Fran, Dorohedoro, Metamorphosis, and Mai-chan's Daily Life hit me as being harder hitters then this.
Tray 10 days ago
As a horror movie fan, I think the mangaka did a great job on the gore detail.
Siquall 11 days ago
A little to edgy, really.
malu 12 days ago
Main vilain have a casual super strengh and slices throught skulls and bone with a butcher knife like it's warm butter, it's like mike miyers but with a cute petite body and a kawaiiiiii pumpkin mask.

But i'm here for the plot, juste to see how over the top it can get. i'm now expecting MainVilain to be able to dodge bullets, ourun the shinkansen and provoque the ragnarok like it's nothing.
Kllick 13 days ago
Retard characters doing retard things.
Kllick 13 days ago
So she swapping place with her huh. That grin can't be more cute.
Ezloklap 13 days ago
how much more abuse is she going to take jesus christ
Asingh89 13 days ago
Lmao the characters are idiots and police are incompetent
Lithe 13 days ago
The characters are all retarded....so that the random bits of internet-speak actually fit.

The zombie strength is real too (though not obvious), holy shit. It actually is kinda funny.
Ezloklap 14 days ago
So far this is a load of fun, hoping for more uploads

Also geeking hard over the fact that the artist is someone I've already been following, cool to see the dude making manga now
bradek 16 days ago
The super pumpkin
VoidR 16 days ago
This is retarded but fun. also anyone else surprised people are commenting on the gore? Maybe i'm just too desensitized but it really isn't that bad to me.
intoxyandere 16 days ago
lmao this fucking story jesus

i love it
moontheto 16 days ago
holy fuck this story dude hahaha
Nightwolf 16 days ago
Author san is your main heroine from another world? For a high school girl she has immense strength to stab her victims through skull.

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Fuko 16 days ago
oniKino 16 days ago

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SHOGUN 17 days ago
thanks! @chillock117
davremedy 17 days ago
not something that usually i read.... but........ just curious with the ending
LilHoodie 17 days ago
This is pure schlock
goronyanpai 17 days ago
One word : ew.

Uh, I can't find a proper word to say. The gore is a real deal.
rhino36 17 days ago
Why are these gay kids in this story? Kill them off asap, I wanna see Pumpkin Spice Bitch destroy more people!
Denrick19 17 days ago
Waving your hand=Your friend is in the coffin...........LOGIC
MockingBirdClone 17 days ago
Allot of shock value and really weak dialogue. Was kinda hoping for more, but I'm willing to keep reading and see where this goes.
Lv1Slime 17 days ago
Meh, this novel looks mediocr--BEGONE THOT!
10/10 manga. Would read it again

Last edited 17 days ago.

chillock117 17 days ago
There really isn't a set schedule for it guys but do expect the full volume within a week or two.
G-P 17 days ago
Kinda makes me wonder how much personal experience and sentiment from the author is in works such as this one.
SHOGUN 17 days ago
how frequently will this be updated
UncleQ 17 days ago

Yeah the artist is good though he's not give a lot to work with. The only other work I found from him doing a quick search was a H-manga from 2013 and he's art has improved so much from then.
JohnnyC 17 days ago
@UncleQ It's super cliched and the only thing worth it is the art honestly. Makes me more interested to see more work by Taniguchi Seima with different authors.
UncleQ 18 days ago
By slasher standards this is rather bland and boring. I think the author just googled how to write a slasher story and then put in the minimum amount of effort.

Step 1. Introduce killer with a strange appearance.
Step 2. Make that first kill memorable.
Step 3. Introduce a group of victims that will be killed off in crazier and crazier ways.
Step 4. Hint that one of them in the group will be the lone survivor.
Step 5. ????
Step 6. Profit.

It's total paint by number with this manga. Though I will give credit where credit is due, the melon baller to the face was sort of creative. That is unless the author stole that from some where.

Last edited 18 days ago.

Nightlilygirl- 18 days ago
Starting to look like one of those clichéed horror series where you just can't relate to the characters, but I guess it's fine if you're only in for the gory stuff...
Dysisa 18 days ago
Oh my god this is great, I fucking love slasher bullshit so much
77BLc9JwJGpLVARkamJx 20 days ago
Truck-kun is going to therapy again.
daijokay 20 days ago
das spooky
SpookyCheeseburger 20 days ago
“Man, what a mess” is not the first thing I’d say after seeing the mangled, disemboweled form of a girl stuck between your truck tires
EzioAs 20 days ago
Wow...I can't even imagine the thought process to even consider writing and drawing this...

This should really have an extra tag or something IMO to be filtered on the homepage.