Joshikousei no Muda Zukai Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Joshikousei no Mudadzukai
  • Useless High School Girls
  • Wasteful Days of High School Girl
  • 女子高生の無駄づかい
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Pub. status:
  • 42,276
  • 1,133
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One day out of boredom, Tanaka decided to give her classmates nicknames based on their quirks. Her friend Sakuchi became “Ota” for her nerdy interests, and her other friend Saginomiya became “Robo” because of her expressionless personality. In retaliation, her friends decided to name Tanaka “Baka”. These are the ridiculous days of three high school friends claiming (or not) the height of their youth.

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Avatar yun0135 2 mo ago
Comedy gold
Avatar livesofflight 2 mo ago
@monka188 thanks for the work. Looking forward to Monday!
Avatar monka188 2 mo ago
First volume is done, so it's break time. see you next monday
Avatar UltimateAdrian20 2 mo ago
So this is basically Nichijou in a parallel universe
Avatar ciurrb 2 mo ago
Wacky art and dull summary? Must be a hidden treasure 😍
Avatar Ncararc 2 mo ago
I wouldn't be surprised if Ringo-chan-san shared the same school as these girls.
Avatar morooster 2 mo ago
so funny
Avatar Kaios 2 mo ago
I love it
Avatar yarnnnn 2 mo ago
Top-tier comedy
Avatar BCS 2 mo ago
Did I say it was great? Because it's great. Except the description. That's bad.
Avatar DexHaunter 2 mo ago
This is pretty greato
Avatar dantziel 3 mo ago
hahaha this is good manga, damn, absurdity of it really shine
Avatar 421cookies 3 mo ago
LMAO, He really did endorse his vocaloid producer life in his manga.
Already know him for a while but never try to read his manga until now.
Here is his youtube channel if you guys interested:
Avatar livesofflight 3 mo ago
This is perfect. Grounded absurdity.
Avatar VooXoo 3 mo ago
Robo intestine doesn't work as it should.
Avatar Dagger 3 mo ago
Is there a non-sense comedy tag ?
Avatar NeptuneRoller 3 mo ago
This is great, I'm really looking forward to more.
Avatar Gao 3 mo ago
They look like they're having a good time lol
Avatar LineaR 3 mo ago
This is goldmine for reaction images lol
Avatar penrosecat 3 mo ago
I loved daily lives of high school boys, looks like more of the same.