Spirit Sword Sovereign
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  • Líng Jiàn Zūn
  • Ling Jian Zun
  • Spirit Sword Master
  • Владыка Духовного Меча
  • 灵剑尊
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  • 7.43
  • 508
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  • 758
Once the spirit sword roars, within heaven, earth and the three worlds, I shall reign as the sovereign! Those who do not submit shall die!

Portuguese / Português
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@Yamito Rather than a faithful love. It feels more like a loyal duty. She gave her life for him in the last life, so he will loyally serve her in this life.

The other female characters are more interesting simply because you see them more and they get more development.
You start reading this, cause you see it's Hot and people commenting saying it's great.

It's not. It's just like wtf am I reading?
Double posting. My bad
Warning for everyone that wants to start this

Worst Romance subplot -_-
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waste of time. truly...
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Zeroscans does a great job !!!

I can't bear mangatoon trash translations any longer tbh. I really hope that zeroscans can catch up fairly fast up to date so we can all forget about the garbage "official" translation. As GizmoJP stated, mangatoon with "cloud chu" nonsense.
Zeroscans is loads better than the previous "official" one with "cloud chu" etc lmao

but I read so much of it I've forgotten who was who with original names I-
oh shit, its back!
this goes downhill pretty fast after the point around where the chapters stop here on MD (ch90 or so) - so don't bother spending time finding/reading later chapters of this elsewhere.

there are very good original and unconventional cultivation series (e.g. heresy), there are very good conventional but well-executed cultivation series (e.g. apotheosis), and then there are poorly-done conventional cultivation series, like this one.

execution in this series was initially good but gets worse pretty quickly after the five martial houses competition.
@fewer MangaToon picked it up and effed it up with shitty translations.
No one else bothered picking it up again, so it's stuck with no one bothering to continue.
Zero Scans picked it up for a while, but seems to have dropped it again 2 months ago.
Truly a pitiful end for this series, since it is mildly fun, even if it's pretty much yet another cultivation manhua, with the same old done-to-death tropes (wronged family, revenge, OP cultivation speed from MC, stupid/stubborn opponents, pills/alchemy, auction houses, cultivation levels + sub-levels, skill levels etc. etc..)
the hell is going on with this?
Good, we just need to read one chap every 80.👍👍👍
Why did they change the names on mangatoon? Caroll water, cloud, and moon water. I hate these names so much
@AlphaFlow Zero Scans just got hired to do it by WebComics, so more chapters incoming.
Yay new translator!
There are 262 chapters translated on various sources at the moment.... Let it sink in, two-hundred-sixty-two chapters... Why is it so dead here?
Who was the last to scanlate this? MangaToon is piss.
This is bullsh*t. Why do CNs like these make a reader rage quit?
wher are the mising Chapters i vrily love thes one more pliz