Hobgoblin - Majo to Futari Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • El Hobgoblin y la Bruja
  • The Hobgoblin and the Witch
  • ホブゴブリン 魔女とふたり
8.81 53
Pub. status:
  • 12,578
  • 490
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Within a forest, there exists a fairy of the hearth named Pauline. She lives together with Baba, an old witch that often yells at her for something or other. One day, a kingdom seeks to unravel the mystery of the “curse” afflicting its princess, and then...

Dentro de un bosque, existe un hada del hogar llamada Pauline. Vive con Baba, una vieja bruja que a menudo le grita por algo. Un día, un reino busca desentrañar el misterio de la'maldición' que aflige a su princesa, y entonces...

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Avatar b33fy 2 mo ago
It's been a long time since I've read a fairy tale that good. I think it'd be tough to tell simple stories like this.

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Avatar depzdai 3 mo ago
This world was built excellently. There are many different kinds of livings and weird beings. I feel like wanting to dive in this world forever.
Avatar herocyn 3 mo ago
So that's why I feel Hotori vibe from Pauline
Avatar herocyn 3 mo ago
What a wonderful ride.

Interesting Creepy Master, Tell me what happened Imogene.
Avatar Asbolus 3 mo ago
Wow that was a good ride
Avatar PowerNine 3 mo ago
Being an assistant to Ishiguro might have had a bit of an influence to tsubana at that, since his works are plenty interesting themselves (especially his shorter stuff).
Avatar teriguu 3 mo ago
Tsubana is such an interesting author. Never too artsy, never too mainstream, never too bound by genres or convention.
Avatar natrai2009 3 mo ago
Mmm plot twist
Avatar Asbolus 3 mo ago
Wtf it's so weird
Avatar VawX 3 mo ago
Tsubana's work always leave me with WTF feeling each chapter mmm...
Avatar Nick86 3 mo ago
Odd story but ineteresting.
Avatar G-P 3 mo ago
Baba certainly has a character.
Avatar teriguu 3 mo ago
Lol, I’m like “Tsubana!!! Gonna post a comment on how happy I am to see another work by Tsubana”.

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Avatar Fuko 3 mo ago
I didn't expect this to be this good
Avatar Brightamethyst 3 mo ago
Tsubana? Sold.
Avatar b33fy 3 mo ago

Edit: Okay just on the cover, this is looking pretty great, so much little detail tucked away everywhere.

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Avatar Araliya 3 mo ago
Thanks for picking this up! Tsubana's always a fun/bizarre read.
Avatar Giguv 3 mo ago
Yes! More works by Tsubana!
I was hoping this one would get translated :з

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