Nibun no Ichi Boyfriend Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • 1/2 Boyfriend
  • にぶんのいちボーイフレンド
  • 7.55
  • 7.35
  • 55
Pub. status:
  • 53,476
  • 1,526
  • 9
A rom-com gender bender about Aijiro, a young man born with the rare condition of turning into either a male or female, dependent on his heart rate along with his super rich girlfriend, Sakura Ichijo, and their endeavor to keep his gender bender trait a secret from his school and life.

Description from Oblivion Lumiere:
Soujirou possesses a special predisposition that causes him to "transform into another gender when his heart throbs." Moreover, his girlfriend, Ichijou Sakura, is an elite young lady who came to acquire the same special predisposition as well. Their love life is filled with chaotically transforming between male and female; is this normal romance or girl's love or boy's love or other!? This is a love comedy featuring transformation between male and female★

Author's Twitter: r_h_y
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Sorry, I am thankful for the translation but I didn't understand half of it
Doesn't look like there's volume 2 raws. It does have a Pixiv, but the chapters in between are not available?
Gotta question what's the status of the manga?
Thanks for the update, hope you can get your hands on vol2 soon!
That's the end of volume 1. Will be on hiatus until I'm able to find Vol. 2 raws.
This is really kind of... not all that good.
what happens if u are a women and u get pregnant but then heart beats fast and you become a man?
holy shit this was so hard to read
Ahhh this seems so wholesome and sweet but if I had to nitpick one thing about the manga it's that the panelling is so plain and characterless.
There's a lot you can do for a series when you know how to draw the viewer's eye and make things pop out but the presentation is so formal and repetitive that it does unfortunately bother me.
Ya know, when ch.1 was released I really didn't expect this to go where it went. But I love it for it :D
I get that I probably shouldn't be thinking about this from a scientific standpoint, but among all the other things, there's one thing that keeps needling me on the back of my mind. They transform way more often than those in other sex switching manga, and since it's attributed to genes instead of magic mumbo jumbo, I would have to assume the growth and removal of flesh, and everything else, takes actual calories and nutrients. A lot of them. So it's a good thing Sakura is rich enough to afford higher food intake and Ajiro has his mom to hunt for... sustenance. Actually, I don't know what the nutritional value of bear is, but a high protein, calorie, and calcium diet would help
I never doubt this manga ???
Our Pitied protagonist
Childhood Friend who's Shoujo manga freak
Girlfriend who has taken over 50% world stock market
Cute Dad and Masculine Mom. and their ridiculous past
Edit : it would be nice if raw quality is high,

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Wow. The first chapter was a promising start but then it got very bad very quickly.

You're welcome!?

Oooh, thanks man.
I've been wanting to read this ages ago but it never got proper translation. You're doing great! Keep it up
Oh boy it's really happening, it's getting translated! I'm so happy
If we had that drug the world would be a bit better.
This not anything new. but i can have either a normal couple or yuri. win-win, i guess
@LineaR Nah, I'm just in the process of translating volume 1. Halfway through and a new chapter should be uploaded within this week. This one's a bit harder since the text's so tiny and can be hard to read at times lol but still doable.
This probably never going to be continued, but hey atleast i enjoyed it