Jujutsu Kaisen
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  • Sorcery Fight
  • Магическая битва
  • 呪術廻戦
  • 咒术回战
  • 咒術回戰
  • 咒術迴戰
  • 주술회전
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  • 8.50
  • 470
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  • 447,334
  • 12,828
  • 745
Yuuji is a genius at track and field. But he has zero interest running around in circles, he's happy as a clam in the Occult Research Club. Although he's only in the club for kicks, things get serious when a real spirit shows up at school! Life's about to get really strange in Sugisawa Town #3 High School!

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  • Ranked 1st in Japan's Bookstore Employees Top Manga of 2018.
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    Question: Why is he good at track and field if all he does is study occult shit?
    @IIllII it's being translated officially by MangaPlus, you have to subscribe for the rest of the chapters.
    Alot of the chapters are missing and all of it english only. Why?
    Insert comment of a sweaty nerd saying the series isn't as good as it used to be.All 4 of them below.
    Shonen Fans can't keep up with more complex series and that's a fact just look at the HxH community.
    I'll enjoy it nonetheless also it's getting an anime soon,so the hate will just keep on building.
    Not a fan of what's going on recently
    This manga's entire storyline has really lost coherence. It was clearly going somewhere at some point, but it sure isn't anymore. It's a shame.
    This had such a good start. Sure the characters are a bit cliche for this kind of manga but it suceeds on almost all fronts especially character development. Then it just stops, post nanami arc it can't handle the introduction of all these characters so does the common and boring way to introduce them that is by putting them in a competition with the main characters, this is rarely pulled off well and cant ever be more than a mediocre writing device. Its done badly and makes writing feel rushed as it tries to introduce them mid fight effectively. The story doesnt pick up after that as basically the remaining half of the manga has no focus and is written like a slurry of shit being poured into your mouth in a funnel.

    I really wanted this too be good, it doesnt look like its going to pick up again.
    This manga is really good in both art and plots, but some representations are bad. Mostly because too many scene skipping and questionable plot holes.
    @Willieddd it's the idol girl he likes
    Who is the girl behind toudou in vol 5
    Noooo!! I was in the middle of reading iitt TT n TT
    @jonsmth yeah meraki and jaiminis box left the site and deleted all their uploads. There's an announcement from the mods about it too.
    Did Jaiminsbox just pulled all their chapters from mangadex?
    what happened to the mass chap releases?
    GEEZ the chinese have really stepped up their game. Where be the translations!!!
    Wait, why is the next release ch. 59? What happened to 53~58? Am I missing important information?
    I gotta say Maki becoming more fappable here compared to sequel
    Last edited 1 year ago by agtra.
    I am so glad to se updates?
    Thank you so much @Jaimini's~box~
    nvm. Further inspection has reminded me that it's April Fool's in a couple hours.
    @MarijnLJP thank you for the advice!

    Sadly I have an old iPhone, they won't let me download it on iBooks either even though that is an option on the site.

    Does anyone know how a good VPN- service? Neven done this before and don't want to go to a sketchy site.