Eden: It's an Endless World!
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  • Eden - It's an Endless World!
  • Eden (ENDO Hiroki)
  • Эдем: Этот бескрайний мир
  • بهشت : جهانی بی پایان است
  • エデン イッツアンエンドレスワールド
  • 伊甸园
  • 8.47
  • 8.63
  • 235
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  • 73,088
  • 3,296
  • 126
In the panic surrounding a worldwide pandemic which kills 15 percent of the population and cripples many more, a secret organization, the Propater, topples the UN and seizes control of much of the world. A boy and a girl, raised in an abandoned virology research center, immune to the virus, are attacked by the Propater and escape. Based strongly on Gnostic mythology, all major characters are named after gnostic deities, and have analogous roles.
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  • Volume 0/18
  • Chapter 0/126

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There are no stops on this death train. You stay for the whole journey.

I begrudgingly applaude the author's ruthlessness to kill of so many characters who all gets a decent amount of panels considering how minor some of them are. Man I really wished some lived but at the same time their roles were up once their arcs finished.
Holy Amazeballs! Read it all in 1 go. So many concepts packed into one manga. Definitely should be a tv series
I had this in my "to do read" for a long time, and with the Covid19 lockdown, I give it a shot. Read it in a week. It was great, strongly recommend it, sometimes I got lost and I had to re read a few chapters, but I never had to google search anything. The story is great, it gets super dark in some places, and it's an emotional trip I don't recommend during the lockdown...

Over all, the scify is pretty awesome, it had several info dumps, and they had to explain 2 times what the heck was going on at the end. (around chapter 120 you get a full chapter explaining the situation and in the last 10 they have to do it again).

From a character perspective, most of them are pretty well written, flawed with their own motivations independent of the MC/Main Plot line, and a good portion of them actually have a full story arc.

From a more "political" point of view, it might be one of the best mangas I read in a long time. The geopolitical narrative is great, showing different approaches to the world after the pandemic, diferente ideologies clashing, not some void realpolitik, or childish baddie versus good guy.

There's too much to unpack, drug abuse, depresion, overcoming adversity, not overcoming it, etc... so many things that some aren't explored in depth.

Over all, awesome
This aged well
One of my all-time favourites; discovered long ago, now rereading for the 4th or 5th time. Same category as 20th/21st Century Boys.
One of the best seinen ever, and a good pleb filter too.
an absolute trainwreck in every sense of the word. it's got fridging, it's got wacky cybernetic nonsense, it's got one of the stupidest endings of all time. and yet, you can't look away. the artwork is gorgeous. the designs are generally great. the twists are stupid most of the time.

and then, in the end, it is so gloriously stupid in every way that I have to applaud the author's sheer balls to do that with the finale of the series.

I hate this series. I hate how it ends, I hate a lot of the decisions made meaninglessly towards otherwise great characters, I hate that it's an absolutely gorgeous manga with a lot of fascinating concepts and designs in it that are ultimately wasted on a story I hated. I won't tell people not to read it, because I'm sure some enjoyed it, and man, that finale, it's fucking hilarious that they ACTUALLY did that to wrap it up. But I think this is one of my biggest "enjoyed parts, loathed the whole" series ever. Hard to think of another series that I enjoyed certain parts so immensely but ultimately absolutely hated the series as a whole.
Simply amazing, an all time favorite.
Maaaan, what a story!... This manga is lit. It's brutality is right on point. It's displaying probably all of the current world's ethical and economical problems cruelly correctly. Its story takes so many unexpected turns (except the properly plot armoured Elijah Ballard or however he's called) it's like properly written Game of Thrones. Brilliant! It highly reminds me of Akumetsu, another masterpiece discussing major social problems but it's on a completely different scale here in EDEN.

If there's still hope in you that you are not completely brainwashed by shounen isekai's, I highly recommend this manga. Even better, buy it if it's possible for you, works like this should be encouraged!
high-budget live action tv show of this series, with at least 3-4 seasons will be kino.
Conversely, I found it getting better and better. I wasn't all too enraptured by the starting arcs.
Shame this series falls apart so hard, the first half or so of it had quite a lot of promise.
Cheers Mate!
The broken pages have been fixed.


Sorry about that. The pages were numbered as 001, 002, 003... so when it got to hundred they stopped being read properly for some reason (maybe a bug?) I'll re upload them after renaming them.
Somehow the Pages after 99 won't load
I am getting the urge to reread this for the 3rd time now........