Seibetsu "Mona Lisa" no Kimi he.
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  • Seibetsu ''Mona Lisa'' no Kimi e.
  • Seibetsu 'Mona Lisa' no Kimi e.
  • The gender of "Mona Lisa" to you.
  • To the "Mona Lisa" gendered you.
  • To you who have the gender "MONALISA"
  • せいべつ「もなりざ」のきみへ。
  • 性別「モナリザ」の君へ。
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  • 114,538
  • 5,068
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In this world, when human beings reach the age of 12, their bodies gradually change to the genders they wish to be. And by the time they are 14 years old, their appearances change to reflect their genders. But by spring of my eighteenth year, I am still without a gender...
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I see a lot of people made their opinion on the manga after 3rd, 4th or 5th chapter... Like about Hinase character development and future content and feel for exaple "sad" about it. Isn't it a little to fast? I see a big potential in this manga but I'm not a fortuneteller so I don't know how it will develop. Isn't it better to judge something after reading it whole or at least a couple of chapters more? Beginnings can't say much about the whole work.
And what's wrong with saying your own feelings? Hmmm I wish I sometimes had the courage like Hinase's friends 🙄
What's with all the weirdos obsessed with mc's friends having a preference for mc's gender? Yeah, other people around you express their will for you. It's normal. "Be nicer!", "Be calmer", "Be more of a girl!" So what? You can still do what you want. Honestly expressing your will and wishes to each other is what friends (and lovers) do. There cannot be mutuality without the strength to withstand honesty! Only loneliness and subpar relationships.
Please be a yaoi Please be a yaoi Please be a yaoi Please be a yaoi Please be a yaoi Please be a yaoi
No matter how interesting the concept is, it just can't work out with how terrible the male and female lead characters are. Yeah, they aren't "forcing" Hinase, but they essentially want them to change their gender to suit their preference? Like that's so weird and gross. Not to mention all the other biological bs like "more touching will affect Hinase's gender"... Just no.
For all the people who keep saying stuff like "I Hate Shiori or whats her face for trying to make Hinase m/f blah blah", listen up, nobody is making Hinase choose any specific gender, alright? They're just giving Hinase a REASON TO CHOOSE. Shiori didn't hold a gun to Hinase's head and demand they become a girl. Alright? So let's all sip some tea and chillax.
@Noonegoodsir thanks
No he didn’t, last release is June 8.
I just wish the english translation manage to catch up to raws.
What the heck is this crap genderswap manga? I don't know any Monalisa. Make them either m or f. (prefered f)
Yo, Shiori can fuck all the way off. I read till chapter 4, but I couldn't read past that. At least Ritsu realized she said something awful and reflected on how selfish she was being. Shiori of the other hand is just a selfish ass honestly, and Hinase is clearly going to be influenced by that overbearing asshole instead of making their own decision on whether they want to a man, woman, neither, or both.
Wow, I really like this story. Psychological content told lightly with the addition of the pretty art. Might be my new fav next to Raise but too bad the author went missing - oh well
At the beginning, I related to Hinase, as I'm gender-neutral. It was an interesting plot, and I was looking forward to character developpement and personal reflections.

However, the 5th chapter deceived me.
The main characters friends are EXTREMELY selfish. How can you treat someone like a doll and want them to become a certain gender for you? It’s terrible and narcissistic to think that way. If I was the main character I would drop both those so called “friends” immediately for thinking I’m just some toy for pleasure!
Thanks for translating it in the first place, a lot of us don't mind the wait!
As an intersex person I really resonate with the feelings of the main character. Thank you @JasmineTea for translating it.
This is getting good now
Guessing they dropped it.
Shame that this hasn't been updated with in english...
Is this dead?