Henkyou no Roukishi - Bard Loen Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Henkyou no Roukishi - Bard Roen
  • Henkyou no Roukishi - Barudo Rooen
  • Old Knight in Frontier
  • Sang Kesatria Tua di Garis Depan - Bard Loen
  • The Old Knight in The Border - Bard Loen
  • Старый рыцарь из приграничных земель — Бард Лоен
  • 辺境の老騎士 バルド・ローエン
  • 邊境的老騎士
  • 변경의 노기사 -발드 로엔
  • 9.15
  • 9.22
  • 451
Pub. status:
  • 127,633
  • 6,003
  • 29
Abandoning money, fame and honor, the knight Bard embarks on a journey to find his final resting place. Tasting delicious food, admiring the unfamiliar scenery all by himself, his journey to find a place to die quietly begins.
What he doesn't know however, is that this is the beginning of a new adventure for him.

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    I really love the worldbuilding going on here
    he is so hot, manly, people admire him. such a pity he dont have any wife until old T.T
    This is really good, I just wish they'd cut the dumb food fad that has infested manga, my eyes glaze over whenever a manga starts describing how a fake thing tastes.
    58 is too damn old to be fighting people half your age or less... but those young bucks are getting taught one hell of a lesson! This is a great story, captivating and poignant. Highly recommended.
    dat worldbuilding is really good
    Truly a masterpiece, im pretty sure that this manga will get anime, no doubt about it...
    but, man it would be perfect if Aindra and Bard were lovers or something like that instead of just "friends", i feel kinda bad for it :(
    Cant wait for next chapters
    holy shit i need moreeeeeeeeeee
    What the heck is this masterpiece?! I feel too connected in a matter of a few chapters!
    Corn on the orb
    THIS IS SO GOOD!! Finally a manga that strikes the balance between "fantasy tourism", "scheming", and "badass old people!"

    Art: 10/10 -- VERY good, and very consistent. Each panel has so much effort put into it, and I'm really into the way the the artist could easily blend cuteness and anime into the style. Such a treat for the eyes! Character design alone is a 10/10 for me!
    Plot: 9/10 -- Seldom do we see a retirement journey! The knight Bard is done with adventures as a knight, however it seems adventure isn't quite ready to give him up yet! The story is set in your usual European/medieval fantasy land, but has its own little flourishes here and there.
    Execution: 9/10 What takes precedence here is the relations between the three ruling families and some underlying scheme that's going to mess with knight Bard here. The way it's delivered is really interesting since we're getting fragments of it at a time! Though, just to nitpick, I think the jumps from one small arc (equals to one chapter) to the next arc can be a little bit jarring in the beginning, but it's not super noticeable and will likely be gone as the manga progresses.
    Characters: 10/10! Bard is one of the best knightly characters I've ever encountered. He's such an interesting character, and pairing his OP strength and skill with his old age makes all the fights tense, since most of the time he fights against younger folk. Everyone else is really good and nobody's annoying, yet!

    Overall: I gave this manga a 9/10!
    i dunno, but it warms my heart so much
    Bittersweet plot....i like it.
    This is fucking great.
    I absolutely love this, such a fun story!
    Nice something Unique
    this is weally good, cant wait to read more
    but ive wanted abit more from the tomboy princess
    This manga is something truly special, unique in its kind among Japanese manga's.
    Damn Loen is brutal D:
    Normally I avoid melancholy stories but this is something special.
    He did her and threw her away. Nothing left to think about. Poor girl decided to abondon her ambitions to become the perfect princess, is used for politics, basicly raped, and disposed of. The story somehow glosses over it like it was the result of her growing up, but it's a terrible experience no matter how I picture it.