Henkyou no Roukishi - Bard Loen Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Henkyou no Roukishi - Bard Roen
  • Henkyou no Roukishi - Barudo Rooen
  • Old Knight in Frontier
  • The Old Knight in The Border - Bard Loen
  • Старый рыцарь из приграничных земель — Бард Лоен
  • 辺境の老騎士 バルド・ローエン
  • 邊境的老騎士
  • 변경의 노기사 -발드 로엔
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Abandoning money, fame and honor, the knight Bard embarks on a journey to find his final resting place. Tasting delicious food, admiring the unfamiliar scenery all by himself, his journey to find a place to die quietly begins.
What he doesn't know however, is that this is the beginning of a new adventure for him.

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    Avatar elephantNo5 19 days ago
    LysandersTreason pretty much said what I wanted. The "row" of Rowan has the long o that is in the katakana, and I also pronounce the "an" in Rowan like the katakana "エン". I'm an opponent of katakana soup and romaji transliterations. But I'll only bother enforcing it in my own translations. I gave a suggestion, and it was at least considered, and thats good nuff for me. @Lynia (I suck at checking for notifications, which is why we have the late reply)
    And also, (https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Professor_Rowan) ;p
    Avatar LysandersTreason 1 mo ago
    @GreatGonzales I feel like she absolutely was in love with him ever since he saved her life. To me it seems like a mutual but unrequited love between the two of them, but I guess what bugs me is I don't know why -- I mean, even Knights are allowed to marry and have families, and after having sent the princess to another country, where she comes back with a child, it's not like she could really be married off again. So what's the point in both of them spending the best years of their lives alone, even though they're both right there together? Imo the author needed to show why that wasn't a thing.
    Avatar GreatGonzales 1 mo ago
    @LysandersTreason I was under the impression that Bard and Aidra had closer to a Father-Daughter or at best Brother-Much Younger Sister relationship as opposed to anything that could grow into lovers. She seemed to have a bit of a crush on him, so I instinctively wanted to see some romance there as well, but I don't think their actual relationship would have allowed for that
    Avatar LysandersTreason 1 mo ago
    Phonetically, Roen and Rowan are identical... the Japanese are often really terribad at English-sounding names, should be OK to give it a better one.

    The thing I don't get about this manga, while nice, is what exactly Bard did for like, two decades after Aidra came back... why didn't he marry her? She never formally married the guy in the other kingdom, and she came back after just a few years, and it's pretty obvious they love each other, right?

    Dude cockblocked himself for 20 years why? Is he an old man virgin at this point, because the story has never shown him getting close to any other woman.
    Avatar Lynia 1 mo ago
    @elephantNo5 I guess it is but it really was Roen or Loen... Rowan is a nice name but still a bit too far from the exact translation.
    Avatar elephantNo5 1 mo ago
    Given the recent change to Loen I feel a bit weird suggesting it... but isn't Rowan a pretty good name for our dashing dandy?
    Avatar Griff 1 mo ago
    Great series, but could do without all the obtuse Translators Notes.
    Avatar Ironclad 1 mo ago
    Araki really could have given him his own spin off series.
    Avatar grom 2 mo ago
    Looked at the raw, cant wait to have them translated :) atm 18 chapters.

    Avatar Ada 2 mo ago
    Another great manga, the art is great and so is the story😍
    Avatar riflow 2 mo ago
    Oh man I love this. The art is gorgeous and the characters are so damn likeable.
    Avatar Muklas 2 mo ago
    Goddamn does that fish look good.
    Avatar Bearil 2 mo ago
    Really interesting, with a likeable old man as a MC that is strong without falling on the OP side and still focusing on the slice of life parts instead of fights and moar fights :)
    Avatar MicroPotatoPie 2 mo ago
    What are all these feels I'm feeling
    Avatar Siquall 2 mo ago
    I hope he will find someone else to love, it's sad to see all these flashbacks with the princess.
    Avatar sobeman 3 mo ago
    cliff hanger nooo
    Avatar Lynia 3 mo ago
    Hello, Nani Scans here. Sorry for the confusion, we got some stuff wrong in pages 51 and 56 of chapter 1 that we will correct in a V2 (and that will be explained in the next chapter) today.

    EDIT: V2 is live. We will provide a timeline in the next chapter to clear things up. Also, we talked with Biamam Scans and they kindly agreed to leave the series to us.

    Last edited 3 mo ago by MangaDex.

    Avatar leaderreborn 3 mo ago
    Edit: With V2 everything makes sense now , thanks fam

    Last edited 3 mo ago by MangaDex.

    Avatar Chet31 3 mo ago
    Recommended this manga to 3 or 4 groups some 3 months ago, hoping someone would pick it up. None of those did but at least someone did?. Cant wait for more.
    Avatar Jatayu 3 mo ago
    Nani's map is correct since the Tersia family is located at the gap in the wall as previously mentioned in the chapter.
    I also feel that Aidra/idola made a mistake, as Bard is chasing after her and he previously mentioned that she might have made a mistake in choosing the correct "right turn". So then he wonders that "if she made a mistake here, it's already..."
    Also Biamam got it right, that Bard was sent to the fortress for 3 months on 51/48

    Last edited 3 mo ago by MangaDex.