Ore no Genjitsu wa Ren’ai Game?? ka to Omottara Inochigake no Game datta Japanese

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Alt name(s):
  • Is My Reality a Love Game?? ~I Thought it Was a Life Like Game~
  • 俺の現実は恋愛ゲーム??~かと思ったら命がけのゲームだった~
Author: Waruiotoko
Artist: Ponjea, Nashyu
Demographic: Shounen
Genres: Drama Ecchi Mystery Psychological Smut Supernatural Game
Rating: 7.07 157
Pub. status: Ongoing
  • 63,185
  • 2,890
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    TwilightFaze 39 mins ago
    Jesus, what's with all these nut jobs?! I'm hoping Yurea's A-Rank is because she's the "Good End" girl and not because she's the daughter of a crime syndicate or whatever next level evil.
    Hertzrey 4 hours ago
    Pretty interesting manga, also the rape part was nothing lol.
    banjomarx 8 hours ago
    @Deathglass i hope you read all the chapters before u judged... trust me the first chapter is NOT sufficient to understand the premise at ALL
    Deathglass 11 hours ago
    Holy shit this guy is so dumb.... More cringe than watamote.
    Xander 15 hours ago
    This manga is brutal!! I love it!!😀 I like that the author created such a unique story. Can't wait to see what happens next.
    Zafkiel_Altrak 16 hours ago
    ah goddamnit....plz la dude don't rate something just with read 1 or 2 chap....in chapter 7 shockig me though, this manga have great story, the draw is interesting and have interesting scene.
    Kiruzu 16 hours ago
    This is good--but I wish you guys put the description back up.
    Wiabu 17 hours ago
    People actually rate manga after reading 1-2 chapters. Literal dumbfucks. This is why rating systems are so skewed
    belgopolac 17 hours ago
    Isekqi side story?
    Drifter 1 day ago
    This is getting better by the chapter. Though I'm glad it was more than Ch1 led up to, that ability to rewind time would allow all sorts of mischief.

    Buy that teen hooker, get a membership in a high end sex club or even get your rape on. You only have to pay a small fee to rewind time and no harm has been done.
    thathuffbear 2 days ago
    I'm glad i went into this without an open mind, this is really interesting.
    Siquall 2 days ago

    Nah, this manga is rated low because of ppl who judge a entire story with the 1st chapter "Huurrrrrrdurrrrrr Rapegame !!! 1/10 "

    It's a little sad to see this. At least wait a few chapters before crying .

    Last edited 2 days ago.

    zetsubouzanto 2 days ago
    Oh this is quite good , well i kinda understand if people rate this low as people generally hated

    Even my wife don't understand why i like something that generally seen as disgusting

    Back to manga , if this manga has romance tag im sure the A-rating difficulty is the main heroine
    Ominous 4 days ago
    One of these days the mc isn't going to be able to load a save file because his hands are tied behind a chair.
    trs 9 days ago
    Looking good
    Dekunator 9 days ago
    Really enjoying this one so far
    Z3DT 10 days ago
    Damn. This manga is freaking interesting.
    Zafkiel_Altrak 15 days ago
    wow bro, after see cahpter 3 it's become shocking me xD....the plot change really high xD
    zstrf03 21 days ago
    She is kanata from Shobitch
    Siquall 21 days ago

    "Not following, just because morals and shit. "

    Then i guess you can follow now, it's basically his mission to be the virtuous hero.
    Nick86 22 days ago
    A different approach using the mmorpg gui interface, is original even if is not a isekai, also it have cute girls and good drawings. Follow. ?

    Last edited 22 days ago.

    Yourself 22 days ago
    PSA: For people concerned about that being a dumb edgy rape manga; the first 2 chapters are pretty misleading. This manga isn't what it initially seems.
    raydon14ify 23 days ago
    Dont you hate when that happens?
    depzdai 23 days ago
    The real thing was foreshadowed until chapter 3!!
    buttler 24 days ago
    I'm not sure, is the original text also this nonsensical, or is it just the translation?
    Or are lines like these going to make sense in later chapters?:
    "Does assault mean fulfilling this woman's wish?
    And her wish is to get back with her husband...?"

    questions over questions?

    Last edited 24 days ago.

    VawX 24 days ago
    With that time constraint, gambling become a bit dangerous, but with saving system it should be the best way to get money mmm...
    Blackbird 24 days ago
    I don't know how this guy will be able to survive this he already have waste tons of money and he didn't suspect why there would be another option like that, seem like we got a stupid average guy as protagonist, already made too many mistakes even if depends on his life.

    I will still read it thought xD

    Last edited 24 days ago.

    criver 24 days ago
    What's with Japan and rape manga/hentai?
    Tamed 25 days ago
    Can't say I have high expectations. Five bucks says they're both on the same boat but who knows, I could be wrong.
    france001 29 days ago
    @Yourself Agreed, lol.
    Not following, just because morals and shit.
    Yourself 29 days ago
    Should have been picked up by Rapeman Scans ?
    MangaBandit 29 days ago
    wow this is some piss poor writing lol
    saverbot 29 days ago
    i put my hand up to my chin
    zawarudo 30 days ago
    dat shounen tag tho. definitely following.
    Isekaijin 30 days ago
    Ah Japan. The place where it's totally normal to get trapped into other worlds or death games with impossible tech.
    Pescado 30 days ago
    Rape ? followed.
    Blackbird 30 days ago
    He does have many hours left, seem like he have time working for earning up money and so on and he failed hard.

    He must be stupid and think that girl will allowed him to rape her, what a noob rapist .

    Money wasted xD
    depzdai 30 days ago
    Try your best to rape somebody.
    Pika 30 days ago
    Man, this is kinda shit...

    *Presses follow*
    Paulo27 30 days ago
    That was actually pretty funny.
    grom 30 days ago
    rape game. Disgusting.
    Glave 30 days ago
    insta rape choice whew dis boi knew whats up
    AegisXI 30 days ago
    This is... uh, some plot >.>
    Hounder 30 days ago
    Survival game... rape or die... Umm... no thanks.
    Nick86 30 days ago
    Seems another survival game, but this time with consequences to people actions and with multiple choices, is less silly at least. ?

    Last edited 30 days ago.