The Heaven's List
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  • Cangqiong Bang Zhi Shengling Ji
  • Holy Saint Spirit's Story
  • Shènglíng jì
  • 圣灵纪
  • 苍穹榜之圣灵纪
  • 7.39
  • 7.15
  • 241
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  • 367,919
  • 7,324
  • 373
Set in the “The Great Ruler” world in the distant future. We follow the journey of a young cultivator aspiring to join the “spiritual road”.

It is every teenager’s dream to have their name on “The Spiritual Road’s List,” but only geniuses have a hope of making it. Jiang Yi Nian is no different in his aspirations, but it seems like no matter how hard he cultivates, he still lingers behind his peers. His older brother, Qin Yuan, has made the list, and believes in Jiang Yi Nian’s abilities.

For some time, Jiang Yi Nian’s teacher has enforced strange inscriptions on his left arm that he keeps covered in bandages. What is the purpose of the inscriptions, and what are the dangers that are lingering around this seemingly ordinary boy?

Situado no mundo de "The Great Ruler", em um futuro distante, nós seguimos a jornada do jovem cultivador, Jiang Yi Nian, aspirando se juntar a "Estrada Espiritual". Contudo, parece que não importa o quanto ele cultive, é incapaz de acompanhar seus irmãos de seita. Seu irmão mais velho, Qin Yuan, entrou para a Lista da Estrada Espiritual e acredita nas habilidades de Jiang Yi Nian, porém a vinda de um estranho homem está prestes a mudar tudo.
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The art really carries the 6.8/10 story home. It's an enjoyable read.
@Edjan The author created that map, i just did the translation. There is no sign of the connection yet, maybe we'll find it in the future chapters.
How you know connection between HL with return of the beast @msood
And where i can find it?
Starts out ok but the plot development accelerates to the point where its utterly farcical.
He looks dazzling but the plot is so cliche.
@msood oki thank you and thanks for the hard work in regards to the updates ^-^
@Sena-bunny my bad, i'll upload that. @no6thing missing chapters will be uploaded by @rspreet soon
Is there no 70.5? Cause I don't even know when the parents came but they're just there in the next chapter
someone knows where can I read the missing chapters? or if there is any team planning to upload them? I've put the manhua because of those
@piybudjack Oh thank you! BTW it's my friend (MSSOD) who is translating this and he has made his own group MangaSavor
@rspreet thank you for translating those chapters. I wish you well as you do so. And I hope that people aren't giving you a hard time.
I am here for the little white bunnny, so please update more and thanks.
MC is really bland here.

Luo Chen should have been MC. Has way more personality.
Where are the rest of the chapters? :(
I'm grateful for the translations... but now the MC sounds hella Australian xD
I kinda want to ship mc with white hair. Idrc if he's a boy!
@me474 I have not found a translated novel of this yet but I have looked. If you somehow manage to find it please post a link.
@Superioreos it seem like mu chen was pretty much a scum in the end
by the way is there a novel to this one if so is it translated ?