The Story of a Girl with Sanpaku Eyes Japanese
Alt name(s):
  • Sanpakugan-chan no Ohanashi
  • 三白眼ちゃんのお話
  • 8.81
  • 8.86
  • 577
Pub. status:
  • 329,744
  • 7,458
  • 30
Trivia Notes : Sanpaku (三白) is a Japanese term meaning "three whites". It is generally referred to in English as "sanpaku eyes" and refers to eyes in which the white space above or below the iris is visible.
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I can feel the sugar level in my body rising.
God it's so boring, yet so high rated....
Himiko Toga?
Google says that senile miosis is about small pupil, not iris. Relatively speaking it makes the iris even larger.
Sanpaku eyes? More like The story of a girl who's always blushing.
I feel... confused by this chapter/volume format. Especially the single chapter for volume 2, and that the most recent updates are from both volume 1 and volume 3...?

Edit: And there's even a side story?

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Coming to comment section to see a discussion about how cute this manga is, what I got is a debate about good/bad manga and rating systems instead?

Btw @HadesTranslation
"10 star = masterpiece" - Where do you get that logic from? MAL? Go back to that forum, I bet their IQ is similar to yours.

I think what Asriel means by 10 star = masterpiece is not about his logic but I think he saying the mangadex rating system literally said itself that 10 star = masterpiece.
@Fuko Big iris is associated with youth. Google "senile miosis". (btw that's why girls often wear colour lenses with frikin big diameter).
Sanpaku eyes supposed to be a bad feature? It must be a japanese thing...
Whatshisface from Tatami Galaxy was right; nothing else is as boring to tell as a story of successful love.
Art is created to evoke an emotion or thought in an audience. The most "objective" definition of an art work's success is the degree to which it manages that. But asserting it's possible to objectively judge art is one of the most pretentious and misguided things you could do anywhere, let alone on a manga scanlation sharing site, in the comments for a silly fluff manga about a girl being adorable and flustered and flustering everyone around her.

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Personally, the ratings to me is subjective towards how I felt reading through it's chapters. It's free and there's really not much I can do about the content inside other than to leave a comment and rating the experience I had from it.

The one rating system is fine for me. To be honest I didn't think it a big deal until now so as someone who's not entirely invested in the whole rating thing, I'm just giving out my perspective about my rating. I guess I should think things through before I rate it.
Volume 6: The girls without Eyes.
Volume 5: The Girls without Sanpaku Eyes.
this is perfect and all but this order is apex confusion
@Asriel: Eurocentric racist much? Geany and HadesTranslation have pretty much everything else that I could've said about your nonsense.
@Jaxons They're more like sections than volumes, as it's written in the Description. Some vicious people would suggest that the plot of this manga is so thin that it needs to be told five times, in order to get enough substance... However, the romance here has maybe the fastest progress I ever read in the genre, in spite of the multiple rewinding.

@Asriel Can I say that I find somewhat hilarious bringing Kant and the Enlightening into mangas ratings?
More seriously, as a European I find ridiculous the tought of us being the only enlightened people in the world. Maybe we've been ahead in the 19th century, but now? Really?
Now, I'll add my bit: in the Arts, there's always been a conflict between what people like and what critics think people should like. As history shows, people don't give a f***, so discussing is futile.
The problem is, as observed by @HadesTranslation, that we have this one rating for every manga genre. We should just weight it with the kind of manga we're talking about: a 9 to Senpaku is not the same thing as a 9 to Berserk, but what's wrong with it? It simply means that Senpaku is quite good for its niche.
da fuq's with these volumes

I hope you are ashamed for whatever you tried to tell us with that stupid text.

If I enjoy a story that's mediocre or bad I just give it 4-6 stars.

Sounds logical, but does this imply that this manga is only mediocre?

While this still rigs the rating because of my subjective bias,

Did you try to put as many cool sounding words in one sentence without even thinking about what it means? Please explain me an objective rating, please explain me how something can be rigged, when it never tried to be something different.

between good and bad reads when looking at the average score.

Again, you imply that your opinion is the correct one being this manga only mediocre or now bad. Please try to understand that you have the shit taste here

But the worst thing is that a 10 star rating is equaled with a literary masterpiece, which people chose to rate even the trashiest moe manga on this site.

I don't know where to start. "worst" - is this really the worst thing possible? "10 star = masterpiece" - Where do you get that logic from? MAL? Go back to that forum, I bet their IQ is similar to yours. "trashiest moe manga" - and again, you think your opinion is absolute and adding into that your other comment, you also think that a 10 star moe manga should be comparable with e.g. a 10 star Berserk manga. Do you also compare 4-koma story/ world building with a light novel ? Every genre has its own rating, its own list and a 10 star moe manga is better than a 9 star moe manga, that's all.

obviously a piece of art created by a master of its art

Wow, you found a perfect definition for one of the most asked questions - oh, wait how can I identify a master of its art? Personally, I go with the "a masterpiece is filtered through the opinions formed by people in a time of a whole decade and only when the product is more than only well known, it's a masterpiece" (watch Hyouka if you don't get the reference)

self-incurred immature as Kant states, they don't want to live by definitions and don't "dare to know".

Ok, I take back what I said, since you can quote Kant you have to be intelligent and right.

I guess people outside of Europe

And don't forget people who can't quote Kant, ne, mein lieber Freund? Ich hoffe, du bist auch aus dem Land Kants, ansonsten kann ich dich ja gar nicht erst nehmen.

Can't expect something from someone which he doesn't have after all...

This is stupid and doesn't sound like correct English.