Planet With Japanese
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  • プラネット・ウィズ
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Souya Kuroi lives a peaceful life despite having no memories of his past.

But one day, the world ends up under attack by huge unidentified floating objects known as "Nebula Weapons" which soar the skies and cause panic. Soldiers are sent to stop them but they desert and run home to enjoy their family time.

7 heroes show up to fight the unknown threat, they fly up in the sky in a glow of light while enveloped in big robot frames.

Along with the cat-like Sensei and the gothic lolita girl Ginko, Souya is dragged into the fight, is this the time for Souya to join the heroes in a fight for humanity?
No, apparently he has to fight off the heroes now.

"I'm an ally to people I want to ally with. That's all!"

A new mecha series by Satoshi Mizukami - both as a manga and an anime.
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Wait, whut? An update? Even with Crunchyroll's?
I just noticed that this manga got released on Crunchyroll, so is this mean we won't getting a new update on this series from scanlator who work on it?
This looks like it'll be a dragged out series.
Man, this cliffhanger is really suck. Anyone know when the anime get released?
I really enjoy reading this but the wait for chapters is haaaaard. It'll be a lot more bearable in anime form.
I wouldn't waste time putting theories together at the start of a Mizukami manga. We've got at least five twists before we even get a grasp on what's going on.

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I love how Mizukami must have a big bosomed girl showing up unexpectedly within the first ten first pages of every single manga he has done.

Row row fight the power?
Despite espousing the virtues of love and a "make love not war" kind of rhetoric the Nebula feel oppressive in nature.

They have hopes sure, but don't shy away from enforcing their will on another race (humanity), be it the moderate or the more extreme factions.

Perhaps we wouldn't have these conflicts if they informed humanity at large about what was going on. But because they have to be "observers" or whatever they probably feel that involving themselves in human affairs directly is bad or something. A line of thought that is patronising at best, and eerily familiar to colonialism of old.
It makes me root for the underdog even if I know I likely won't agree with their vision.
Seems weird... Mizukami though. *click*
So we got the zodiac themed mechs and the MC's is themed on the cat who got dicked over super hard in the story of the jade emperor. Logic dictates we're getting another 5 antagonists plus maybe the emperor himself if things go like they did in Biscuit Hammer. Hope they have nice designs.

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Ippai haipu!!!

Can't wait to see the anime.
"Mizukami Satoshi mmm...~?
Insta follow mmm...~!"

This a thousand times.
Damn, chapter 2 and already a feelings overflow?

Mizukami is not pulling his punches this time.

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Supposedly Mizukami himself is doing the storyboarding for the anime, so it should be pretty faithful.
Awesome! Hopefully the anime do well and open the gate to the anime adaptation of Mizukami Satoshi's previous works, since an anime adaptation of an old source happens frequently nowadays.
The anime will be based on a 1000 page draft, there might be some differences but they'll follow the same source.
Any idea if the anime will follow the manga, or is it gonna take its own path?
Finally! And this looks so interesting, too!
Dat maid tho